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i'll have to reread this tomorrow BUT so far i can add my sun and moon are at antiscions of eachother in my natal chart. actually. i am not sure. be back tmrw

the only antiscia i see is mars and IC.
now this could be seen as a square? to the 4th. since mars is a malefic planet? or maybe it could indicate action?? to the home life??

i enjoyed looking up my own points in my birth chart though
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Zarathu said:
I don't have enough Virgo in my chart to be this anal.

bawhahahahahahahahahaha!! That would be what every Gemini who doesn't have anything Virgo (like me) would say :lol: :lol: :lol:
Initially I loved the fact that the lord of the matter was only being separated by one minute.

But the point system was just too slight, and there ought to be several postive indicators with Lilly's various methods or it just is too narrow.

YYYYYYYY, I know it's bugging you too that it is so narrow and not enough strong emphasis, but try them all, the answer is there!


I have been thinking of this puzzling horary that has the lord of 7th trining lord of 1st separating by only one minute!

And it's a separating DEXTER aspect with Luna lord of the 7th applying wide to trine to Jupiter as a SINISTER aspect, and Sininster according to Lilly's friend Henry Coley, is '...powerful...'


Coley, HenryClavis Astrologiae Elimata (searchable modern type)1676


I was reading it this A.M. somewhere around pages 27-40, but this copy is NOT numbered so it's confusing!:unsure:


Keep working at it, astrology studies, espeacially horary aren't meant to be easy!:rightful: