Will I marry… if so when?


Very new to horary so I’d love all feedback and tips

Original question was just will I ever marry (I always thought I would be by now and now I’m very unsure and losing hope and feeling very lonely)

ASC = libra rules by Venus which is in 7H in Taurus however 7H is ruled by Aries
Moon is in fall in Scorpio in 1H however 1H ruled by libra
Moon is opposite Venus within 3 degrees
Venus is conjunct Uranus
Moon is inconjunct Mars (scorpios ruler and lord of 7H)

Using Lilly’s book as a reference if the ASC or 7H ruler apply to one another that’s a positive for marriage, ACS ruler (Venus) is in 7H and although 7H is ruled by Aries Venus is in dignity in Taurus so maybe even more of a positive
However with Venus conjunct Uranus that could mean a sudden change like possibly a sudden decision to marry (or not to)?
In Lilly’s book it says if moon be square or opposite one of the signifiers that marriage may be suspended or delayed but still happen

It’s also interesting that the person I’d want to marry is a Taurus and Venus happens to be in Taurus but not concerned with that may question was just if it would happen and possibly when

I’d love any feedback thanks!


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