Will I make it on my own


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Good Evening!

I want my own condo, townhouse, apartment..whatever! :andy:

So I decided to ask the question: Will I be able to live on my own by the end of this year

My analysis:

Slightly puzzled. I have Neptune and Uranus in the first house...planets in the first house signify peices to the puzzle. Uranus would mean unexpected changes on behalf of the querent while Neptune is not seeing all the details clearly.

Me: Saturn
Home: 4th house: Mercury
Money: Mars

Saturn trines Mercury...but Moon makes no aspect to to Mercury. Meaning that...although it can POSSIBLY happen...it may not necessarilly happen for me.

Mercury makes fab aspects to the ascendant. Which further reinterates the whole living on my own.

Uranus seems to be the tricky thing in the chart...it shows a sudden change happens that knocks me off course. It opposes Saturn and is in Mars house...Mars being the ruler of the 2nd house.

It means to me...that although I could go through with it...i will feel it best to live with someone, or continue to share a crumby house with 3 room mates...



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Sorry kinda lost, so are you saying that based on my chart it can happen?

I am a positive thinker but just cautious. I already have a practical plan in mind just not sure if I should implement it.

Sorry just a little lost here, haha


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I'm just a very cautious person (Taurus Ascendant) and I tend to go through things in my mind 3 and 4 times before following up with action. I really want to own my own place. But renting will suffice.

Are you saying that renting is more probably then Owning.

Thanks for your help thus far...

Dont be afraid other people to jump in!!


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sorry cassie to hijack your thread here

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hey Cass

the only 2 things we have to look at is
Lord 1st
lord 2 -money
and the moon

you are saturn libra in 8th house - obviously you are stressed out not paranoid but it is nail biting situation you feel shakey
your money is in taurus mid sign cadent and ill placed - that tells me you might need help
your moon is gemini but will enter cancer - so expect changes once a cross over sextile ot jupiter
moon is sort of ehh under sunbeams that tells us something is going on that is causing you to be stressed out and it is benefitic soo i have to say nothing earth shatter bad will happen but the unknowing and shakiness is def present .. also take a look at the asce it is somewhat close to Neptune

there you have it



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