Will I lose this weight??


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Hey Everyone,

I was browsing through the horary section here earlier when something just made me start thinking about weight loss. I've been up and down in the weight department my whole life--it's like trying to keep a hold of a slimy fish.

I would really like to get down to business and lose this dang weight! But as my past has shown me, it's not always that easy for me. So I wanted to cast a chart since it was burning in my mind--also as a study of course.

I phrased the question: "Will I succeed at reaching x-goal weight in 6 months?"

I am confused about some things though--which house do I look at in relation to weight loss? 6th: health, routines, etc....11th: goals, wishes...I've also read some people use 2nd..I guess as in extra "possessions" heh :)

My first route was to the 11th house:
Me = Venus/Moon
Goal = Jupiter

Moon and Jupiter are conjunct and (i think) moving toward each other so that's good right? Neither are in detriment or fall. They're in 4th house so maybe I'll be doing a lot of the work at home?
Turned from 11th, moon and jupiter are in the 6th house--health. Is that correct? It sounds good I think.
Venus makes no aspect to Jupiter.

6th House:
Me = Venus/Moon
Health = Venus
(Can someone tell me how to read this if the querent and quesited are the same sign? Is there some significance there?)
No aspect to Moon and Venus..but turned from 6th, moon is in 11th. Interesting.

2nd House:
Me = Venus/Moon
"Possession" = Mercury

Venus and Mercury conjunct in 10th House..and sextile Saturn (10th house ruler)...not sure what this means though. No aspect to the Moon.

Any opinions or suggestions on this reading??
It seems like a yes but I could be missing something.

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no one wants to try? :D
I'd at least like some tips/answers to my questions if possible :(

Isn't your question a bit redundant?:whistling:

I mean no disrespect at all...but if you want to loose weight the only thing you need to do is go on a diet/excersise. It is your own free will to choose and do that...so the only thing you need to succed on that is, having the will to do the proper thing.

Its not that I'm saying the question is a "bad" one, but its an outcome that depends solely on what you want to do.

The reason I say this is because doing that has no real external complication, so all you need to do is set a goal, and follow it. If you fail to do that, it is because your own undoing...so horary can't really help. :joyful:

Anyways....I don't think it qualifies as a 6th house issue, it isn't really a disease (unless you've had health issues because of it).

The ruler of the 1st, Venus is in the 10th house, pretty powerfull placement, so it does indicate you can achieve your will, and your goals.

Notice that venus hasn't got any essential dignity, thus its not something that particularly makes you happy.
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Hey Dirius, thanks for the info and explanations.

You are right though about it being my free will. I just guess I figured a lot of things people ask on here could be considered changeable by the choices they make. (ex: will i talk to x?..well you can call and try.)
Hard to explain my thought process on that but yeah.

I guess I was more interested in *how* I would read this, if there were any blockages I should be aware of, etc.
I'm still new and learning so, sorry if my question wasn't very interesting :)

And thanks for the tip about Venus in 10th, I'll keep hold of that when I feel like eating french fries.


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well there are a lot of other factors that could be at play. Since I'm still learning, I thought it would be an interesting study.

But uh..thanks for the input :pinched:


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Ok - to everyone being like all you need to do is diet and exercise.It's not that simple - yes that's the only way to lose weight,but it is possible to be emotionally tied to food and lose control. If it was that simple everyone with new year's resolutions to drop X pounds could do it - but a lot of it is willpower and discipline, and being in the right state of mind.

I'm emotionally dependent on food,and while I'm at a normal weight, struggling to not eat my favourite dishes is hard.

Not sure if it's of any help,but I lost weight when I had a heavy Saturn transit and when pluto hit my ascendant it resulted in a transformation of how I looked/took a mental toll though.

I had gained a lot of weight a few years ago when Jupiter made an aspect to my planets (can't remember which one). Diet and exercise is the answer, but you could also have medical problems related to the thyroid which could slow you down.

my weight loss has slowed down as I work 18 hour days and while I'm sure I can fit in a 30 min workout - it was easier when I had more time :)

Good luck Sag Rising and I hope you reach your goal :) !