Will i like the result of my hair with this lady ?


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I am about to make cut and dye my hair (after years) but I am having a difficult time to find out a good hairdresser. So please help me out here before the venus goes retrograde, I really need to cut and dye my hair now. My question is if I will like the whole result of my hair with this specific lady I would go.

I am mercury she is Jupiter, the reception doesn't look good, she receives me in exaltation but I receive her by fall, with that I won't like a bit the result and venus and Jupiter square Saturn adding a more disaster result.


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Do you know any male hairdressers?

Mercury is going to trine the ascendant but it meets Mars and Sun first, both indicative of Men.

Venus indicator of women is in the house of self-undoing.

You assigned Jupiter to the lady also.....also in the 12th house :)

The lady is also square Saturn !!
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Hey Carla,

Got your pm. I'm not going to read this chart, this question is a bit trivial for me. But here is a lunar calendar that may help, there are specific days that one should cut hair according to lunar phases for thick and lush hair growth. http://www.om-journal.com/haircut

hope that helps!