Will i leave the job of guard and how soon?


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I cast this horary to ask if will leave/retire the job of guard and when this is most possible to happen?


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If we use whole sign houses so that the 10th whole sign is Virgo and a new job is the 11th house sign in the of Libra, then I see a yes. It may be challenging since Venus/new job applies to square you/Jup, but the reception is very favorable from new job/Venus to you/Jup in Taurus. And the new job receives you well, Jup receiving Venus by triplicity.

If we consider the Midheaven as career and in Libra and the new job as ruled by Mars, then not so much. Mars separates from Jupiter, not to aspect for a long time.

Moon does apply to trine Sun which has a favorable vibe to me, so I might go with the whole sign delineation and offer you encouragement. It will not be without challenges, though, since Venus and Jup do square. I know that you are not one to be deterred by challenges.
And I am not very good as forecasting the time frame, so others who may agree with the whole sign house delineation, I will leave that question to be answered among those with more experience and skill than I.
I hope this whole sign delineation is correct and I am wishing you the best.
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