will i hear from him again?


Will he contact me again? Hi to everybody on here! I am having trouble being objective about this horary for myself, so some further input from anyone would be appreciated. From what i can fathom Venus and moon are my significators. Saturn Lord of the 3rd house and the Sun the quesited. I have used the 5th and 11th house as the man in question is an ex (first love) from several decades ago. I recently finished our long distance "friendship" because the man was messing with my feelings. The moon trines mercury and saturn in 12th and sextiles venus but does not aspect these planets before it leaves the sign of aquarius, instead it aspects Mars and Pluto. Am i right in assuming that there will be no further contact from him? Many thanks in advance!
P.S the north node conjuncts the moon in our synastry chart and also conjuncts in this horary chart - what does this mean?
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Hello Aqua girl. It does not matter that he is an ex of many years ago and that you are married and so on. He is the 7th house ruler, we are only looking at him and not in relation to your spouse.

You are Venus and the Moon, he is Mars. And now we have to look at an ingoing aspect between the two of you. Between Venus and Mars or Moon and Mars.

There is no aspect between him and you. He is also in his own term and probably only thinking about himself.You are in term of the 12th house, clearly keeping a secret and Venus in Leo is mostly peregrine so you cant act in this situation.

Because Venus is weak, we can also look if maybe Moon can help out. But Moon is also mainly peregrine in Aquarius and also the NorthNode is in a critical degree. The NN falls in your 4th house of family so what usually would be good for you (there where the NN falls) is in this case in a critical situation.

Moon is also going to oppose Venus, natural ruler of relationships and shows that things are coming to an end in this relationship. Mars, him, will square the Ascendant (you.).

Mercury rules his 3rd house of communication and Mercury is advancing towards your Asc. but on monday will go retrograde. A planet being in a stationary retrograde motion is really a negative indication. On top of that Mars will square Mercury. He wont contact you.
It looks as if Mercury is going to sextile Venus, but he turns retrograde and wont get to 6°.46' and Venus moves too fast and will be way ahead of Mercury in degrees to form a sextile.


Thank you so much Starlink for your input to help me clarify the situation. This was actually a relief to know as it was a "toxic" relationship - i needed to put the issue to rest and move on, and now i feel i can. I was not aware of mercury going retrograde but anyway, thanks again.