Will I have relationship in near future?


Ac (Virgo) -I am Mercury and my other significator is Moon.
I am looking for first apect of mercury with male planet..that would be Sun..and Moons firs aspect is also with the Sun..
mercury in Gemini has no recpection with sun however Moon (my emotions) in Leo loves the Sun.. hmmm
What would this mean? Relationship or no relationship?




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moon in dreamy 11th with a dramatic, full of life moon in leo says you really hope this would be a life changing experience....

7th house represented by Jupiter, you are mercury. No aspect.

Sun / Moon sextile...

Again, Jupiter is in a good place - ignites your fire! :)

Someone will more experience hopefully can give you a better answer (PRACTICING AMATEUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

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ONCE AGAIN, wth does a sun trine MC or ascendant mean?

No mercury or mars aspects


thanks for reply,but shouldn't we look for an aspect my significator makes with male planet... 7th house would be if I asked for someone I know,or an ex...someone specific?


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Hi Tarkett. You are Mercury and Moon, the eventual relationship is the 7th house ruler. There is no aspect between Mercury and Jupiter and the Moon has left the trine to Jupiter. Did you recently have another relationship maybe? Sun is a male planet as you call it, but in a horary we always look at the rulers of the houses in question. Should Sun have been situated inside the 7th house, then you could maybe assume that there would be another male around somewhere , but not here.
So the answer is that "in the near future", I dont think there will be a relationship forming, but who knows in the time after that? It depends of course what you call "near". I suggest you ask a more specific question in about 3 month. Instead of "in the near future" it is better to come with a specific time period, like " within the next 7 month" or something like that. Then you get clearer answers as well. Good luck to you!

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