Will I have intimate relationship with her?


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Okay, here's the case. I fell in love with a married woman about two years ago but didn't let her know my feelings until this March. She didn't respond but nor did she really rejected me. We are still good friends and have been working together. Recently the interactions between us felt very different, much closer than before. Nothing happened yet, but I wonder if I'll ever have a chance to start a relationship with her?

The ASC is 26 Capricorn, Saturn is in 3 Virgo in 8th house.
7th house ruler is Moon in 23 Libra in 10th house.

I'm very new to horary astorlogy, so there are some questions I'd like someone to help me with.

1. Are Moon and Saturn making contact at all?
If, according the book I'm reading, the orb allowed between Moon and Saturn is 10.5~11.75 degrees, then the Moon is applying to Saturn in 9 degrees. But that involves changing sign from Libra to Scorpio. Does that count?

2. Is Moon still the co-ruler of the querent (me)? Because Saturn basically makes no major contact in the chart. But if the Moon represents both significators, how to interpret the relationship between them?

3. The Moon, Venus, Neptune are in applynig grand trine. Venus is also the ruler of 5th. It looks quite good but I don't know if Venus is relevent to my question?

4. The Moon is in the Via Combusta, but it also conjunct Spica so I guess it's alright.

If I just look at the Moon it seems quite promising to me. But if taking Saturn into account, it seems nothing will happen. I don't know how to put an answer to that. Can someone help me?


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I am an amateur at horary as well, but will give you what I understand.
I would say that the Moon is applying a sextile to Saturn, but as it requires to change sign before it perfects this means that her circumstances would need to change prior to being able to be in a relationship with you.
It would fit really as she is currently married to some-one else so technically not free to be with you.

I would take the Moon to rule her in this case as there is no other planet in the 7th and therefore it cannot co-rule you

I personally wouldn't read anything into the grand tine as Saturn (ie you) make no contact with it.

Don't know how much notice we all take of the via Combusta bit these days

The only other thing I picked up on was that the Moon is in Libra, which is Saturn sign of exaltation and Saturn is in the Moon's triplicity suggesting that there is mutual attraction between you, but as the Moon requires to change sign to perfect it's aspect to Saturn her circumstances would need to change before anything could come of it.

That is how I've read the chart. As I say I'm an amateur at this so would be good to hear what others think..


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My thoughts are the same. I'm sort of an amature of this, but I do and know some things. Usually when Venus is combust I would vear away and wait for a better day to ask a date out.
The 7th house ruler is the Moon. At this time I'm answering the question, the Moon is in Scorpio. There is a thing called "Via Combusta" that would be the Moon 15 degree Libra to 15 degree Scorpio. Usually it seems that when this aspect shows up in the monthly time, things get out of wack. One of the reasons as to why I think the Los Angeles Lakers lost the game last night. But that is another story. Still my advice; wait until the Moon goes past 15 degrees Scorpio and also when the Venus is out of combustion with the Sun. I hope this helps you. V/r LionKing


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libramoon thanks heaps for helping me with my questions! I just have some more: if I understand it correctly, the first major aspect between primary significators indicates the outcome. Do they have to be in orb in the first place? Or the orb doesn't matter as long as both significator travel to perfect?
And square and oppositon means no conjunction, sextile, trine mean yes?
In this case, the Moon applies to sextile Saturn, even in a large orb of ten degrees, still gives an positive answer as yes?

I understand the change of sign before perfect means change of circumstances. Does that mean the outcome will happen but only after a change of circumstances? Or it means the outcome might happen if there is a change of circumstances?

LionKing thanks for your reply, too. As you said, the timing does look pretty bad for horary questions. I admit if I knew that before I'd avoid this time and wait till planets getting along with each other. But I guess if a question must arise during such time, it means something. Maybe the cosmos is trying to say NO NO NO and we must accept that, lol. Fortunately in my chart the Moon conjunct Spica, the benefic that helps smooth things out. So it doesn't look that bad. But, your advise is taken, I'll wait next time!:D


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I am going to give this one a go... cause it actually looks really positive.

First, you are the the lord of the first Saturn and found in the 8th. She is the lord of the 7th, the Moon. The Moon is found in the 10th, which Lilly says is an indicator of a positive response. Now the Moon is also conjunct Spica which gives another Yes. The question has to do with relationships... so the lord of the 5th is Venus, and Venus is the next aspect from the Moon.... another yes (and a quick moving one too). Now Venus is pretty burned up from the combust situation. She is in the 6th, partner's turned 12th. This would tell me that it will be tricky and secretive as does your 8th house position.



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In attempt to answer your question about whether or not the large orb still means a yes I have looked at the chart again and noticed that the Moon ( which signifies her ) trines Venus and then Neptune before aspecting with Saturn (you).
I've read that this is known as interferance and is interpreted as there being obstacles to perfection.
As I understand it doesn't make it a straight no, but can mean a yes is more difficult.
It would be good to know what others think about this.

As for the Moon changing sign meaning that there will definitely be a change of circumstances allowing perfection I would have to say I don't know, but time will tell on this one.

In terms of the type of aspect I have read that oppostions and squares mean no or difficulty, but I have had a happy outcome with a square in the past so I tend just to look at it as contact between significators rather than bad.

In my experience planets aspecting with significators before they aspect can play out as a promising situation just getting thwarted by external circumstances. Would be good to know what others think.


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Hi Gansch

Yes, the moon (her) at 23 Libra exalts Saturn and is in the triplicity of Saturn, so she is indeed quite smitten with you.
There is no aspect between the moon and Saturn. I know you can use out of sign orbs if the moon is at the end of one sign and directly applying to its next aspect very early in the next sign, but here the moon aspects venus first before it hits Saturn. That would prohibit it.

One other way of looking at it would be to use the Sun for you and Venus for her, as Frawley does in relationship questions only. These are your 'animal' indicators so to speak. The moon is translating light from the Sun to Venus in one degree. This gives potential to a yes, except that Venus is combust and very weak. She may not be in the position to do much about it, which makes sense since she is married. You could look for antisicia, but since I don't have the chart data...place, time, etc...I'm not able to look for them. If you do, have a look and see if the moon and saturn are conjunct within a degree or two.

If you're asking about a fling, well...that could be another thing altogether. Sex is ruled by the 5th house, and here it's venus. The moon, her, is applying to trine venus, ruler of your sex house, in one degree. Again, venus is very weak. There is no aspect from you to venus though. Maybeeeeee.....but probably not.

I think the chart is saying no. No moon/significator aspects, and Venus is too weak.

sorry :(
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Firstly, thanks for everyone helping me here.

After reading everyone's replies and looking at the chart again, I think the chart is saying there will be no open relationship (no contact between Saturn and Moon), which reflects the situation that she's married. Intimate relationship, an affair, is not impossible for Moon is applying to Venus but since Venus is combust, there's fear and obstacles that makes it difficult. This also describes my situation (probably hers as well) pretty accurately. However, maybe it's just my wishful thinking, it's not a dead "no, never" chart to me for there are indeed some positive connections between she and me (the moon exalts Saturn and is in the triplicity of Saturn, and moon applying to venus). The relationship might not be ready to happen just now and is under a lot of pressure if ever going to happen.

Saturn making no contact at all also indicates I'm in a situation no knowing what to do and not being able to do anything.

And I hope the situation will change really soon.