will I have a love relationship with him?


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hello!!! I made a horary chart asking if I ever be in a relationship with the man I am interested in. currently there seems to be attraction but there are problems and the situation between us is frozen. I am posting the chart here.. what do you think?

dr. farr

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you = 1st = virgo = mercury
he/love relationship = 7th = Pisces = jupiter
mercury flows away from Jupiter = no
mercury applies to sextile to Jupiter = yes
moon flows toward Jupiter = yes
answer: +1 = there is a fairly good chance that this could eventually happen; you are most elevated of significators (as mercury in domicile in Gemini) so it is mostly up to you for this to happen.


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While there is opportunity for you to come together as your significators, you/Merc and him/Jup, apply to a sextile, I have a concern about his/Jup's reception to you/Merc. How he receives you is not favorable. And you are the more interested, with Merc being the faster of the two planets.
As to the unfolding of the question, Moon applies to a square, which is also not supportive, like there may be blocks, and then almost immediately conjuncts Saturn.
So it is not a definite no, but the circumstances surrounding the matter are not particularly encouraging.


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I agree with Dr Farr in that the sextile is a favorable indication; the relation could happen with effort on your part. But Jupiter doesn't receive Mercury, which would indicate that you like him more than he likes you. In addition to what IlleneK mentions, your co-significator the Moon lacks essential power in Aquarius, so it doesn't seem likely that you will want to expend the necessary energy to surmount the obstacles that will come up. In other words, it will end up being more trouble than it is worth.


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thank you all for your answers.. truth is I am not very willing to chase him and there are many obstacles indeed as third parties meddle with the situation. But thank you anyway!