Will I have a love relationship this year?


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dr. farr

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By Modernist Lunar Horary:

:Moon's next conjunction in the chart is with the North Node: answer to question is "yes" (although timing might be a bit longer than the period mentioned in the question)

By Ankara Horary:

Querent = 1st house = Sagittarius = Jupiter
Quesited = 5th house (love, romance) = Aries = Mars

:Mars flows toward Jupiter and Jupiter retrogrades back toward Mars = + testimony
:Mars in detriment in Taurus = - testimony
:Jupiter retrogrades toward conjunction with the lucky strike North Node = + testimony = + testimony
:Moon flows from Mars significator toward Jupiter significator = + testimony

3 + testimonies
1 - testimony
Net = +2 testimonies = a "YES" answer to this question
Note: long distance between significators Jupiter and Mars = more time will be required in this matter; querent's Jupiter is retrograde, indicating that the time for success is really up to the initiative of the querent.


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It's me again.. but this time I want to know about love.

I asked the question "Will I have a love relationship this year?" I want to know if I will meet a guy (or girl) this year to have a relationship.. I have never had a partner and I feel alone.

Thanks for your answers! :smile:
Dear sorry but i do not see a relationship this year... you might meet someone but not relationship...
hope the best...

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Thanks all of you for your answers :).. Well, I'll be waiting for the next year..

Don't Wait!!:smile:Note that in my delineation I mentioned that the TIME FACTOR is entirely up to YOUR INITIATIVE! Fortune in this matter is on your side (according to my reading of the horary), so its up to YOU to take the first steps and INITIATE action to bring this good fortune about as soon as you can, don't just passively wait untiL "later"...


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Moon sextiles ruler of 5th and a planet in 5th, dignified Mars.
I take that to mean dates and superficial activities

Saturn on the ASC might feel obstructed or delayed.