Will I go to this office?


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My owner of my office did not give any receipt of payment for the rents, that I paid to him for the last 5 months. Every month I make a deposit at his bank account. He avoids me to give any receipt. I do not have any problem to prove that I pay my rent because it is obvious, but it is necessary to have the receipts only for accounting matters. I wonder if I go his office to get the receipts after arranging an appointment.
I am mercury and moon. Mercury is retrograde. It may means that I will change opinion about this matter or maybe I have news soon from him. Mercury is at detriment at sagittarius. I think that I feel more nervous. My moon is at 5th house at libra. Moon will be in the Via Combusta. He is the ruler of 7th house(jupiter). I do not know if this is right. I thought because it has to do with contracts. He is at 11th house. I read that the 11th house rules the end of the matter of joint finances. He is also sun at 8th house. His job has to do with financial matters. Moon has already squared the sun, maybe it shows the problems and the difficulties that they already have been. I can not see any aspect between the other planets. So, I think that I will not go to his office and he may think another way to give me the receipts.


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