Will I Get This Tour?


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Hi!! A little context, this is my favorite show (musical) and probably my dream show to be in for the past couple years. It’s my dream to be able to tell this story and auditions for the tour are in about two weeks. Will I have success with this? I auditioned for the tour last year and it’s one of my proudest accomplishments! Thank you :)


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While Moon, as significator for the question's unfolding, is favorably elevated and in dignity in Cancer, it still may be hard for you/Venus to be seen clearly in this matter for two reasons.

The first is that you/Venus are both retrograde and combust the Sun. When a planet is combust the Sun, the light of the Sun obscures the other planet so they are unseen and weakened.
Second, Moon, significator for the job your are seeking, and you/Venus do not aspect since they are one sign apart. When planets are one sign apart they are described as not being able to regard or see one another. So this is another indicator of not being seen; that the people for whom you audition may not be able to see the skill and talent that you bring to the part.

For all this, I still like that Moon in Cancer and wish you good luck with this year's audition.
Do let us know how it goes.


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ordinarily yes, combustion would mean you just arent ‘the one’, but because you are returning…i would grant cazimi in this one and favour you with it.

that and saturn rx in pisces, for the end result, also leans on the venus rx. it all says return to glory. so then… go shine!


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i would grant cazimi in this one and favour you with it.
Actually the orb is too wide for cazimi which should be about 17 minutes or less.

However, we do see moon ruling MH about to sextile Jupiter, 6th house ruler, which is a positive sign.
Venus is weakened by being retrograde and combust the sun, however, POF is at 22 Leo, which is a good sign.

Also, Jupiter of the 6th, a benefic planet, is in the triplicity and sign of Venus.
Also, moon is in the Face of Venus.
There is no mutual reception between these planets, but there is a correspondence, even though weak.

The 5th ruler of performances, Saturn, is retrograde and inconjunct the ascendent.
Your audition may be delayed or you may not be at your best.

The mars/mercury conjunction that is forming in the 12th house of things hidden from you, opposes Neptune in the 6th.
Mars rules both the employer and the income from the job.

Wishing you luck in any case, let us know how it turns out.
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yes elena I do know the ‘official’ viewpoint is tight orbs but then I dont follow dictat and go for ‘seat of pants’ feeling rather. one brush for everything just doesnt sit well with me. probably if we progress the venus retro, cazimi will come to official orb at the time of the publication of the show. I forgot to look for POF so good you added that. it strengthens the case.


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Venus rx is you returning to audition again for this musical. I don't think being combust is very helpful for you w/ regards to being in competition w/ many other people, so needing to really shine and stand out. The combustion will hide you in a sense. Based on this I'm not seeing a positive outcome. Also Saturn rx in the 5th inconjunct the asc shows once again you returning and putting in extra effort this time, but the inconjunct is the frustrating restriction in getting anywhere.