Will I get this job?


I applied for this job and I got a quick call back for an interview.
It's a part-time job, related to school.

I am 1st house: Taurus/Venus
The job is the 10th house:Capricorn/Saturn
Moon in Libra in via combusta, about to conjunct Venus in Libra
Venus is about to go detriment in Scorpio.

Venus aspects Saturn by a square so does the Moon. Last aspect Moon conjunct Venus.
Is this a no?
What do you think of Pluto conjunct the MC?

I have been feeling mitigated about it, because it is part-time.
What would be the outcome?

Thank you


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Do you agree with my interpretation?

No, I did not get the job, I am not in employment right now.

Thank you for the response :) Just Venus and Moon in Sco, where they are going to square Saturn, are in detriment/fall, in a cadent house, without reception to Saturn. An aspect does not guarantee an event, if the rulers are so weak, have no strength at all. Pluto on MC is an additional factor for this.