Will I get the job?


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They say it takes money to make money, and the horary I did on whether or not my home business would succeed taught me patience is a necessity. So before I go too deep into it. Maybe it's better to strengthen my pocket.

So in order to do that, I decided to apply for a part-time job at Toys R US.

It'll be fun, looking at all of the toys and remembering what it was like to be a kid. Who knows, in a couple of weeks(my birthday) I'll get a 360 to remind myself exactly what a kid is: fun.

Now, as to the chart itself. I am the ASC, which is Jupiter. The job is the MC, Venus.

What luck! Jupiter and Venus are applying in a sextile, in addition Jupiter is trining the Moon, whom is conjunct the MC.

Now on the negative side is Venus isn't exactly happy in Aries, she's also squaring that Moon in question.

I think I'll get the job, but it'll be one of trials and errors. Of frustrations and dissapointments.


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Yep. I think you'll get the job, and pretty soon, too...about two of your moderate-short time blocks (days or weeks?)

But yeah, I don't think you'll be happy there. Specifically, conflict with co-workers, as they (Lord 7) have Jupiter in Fall. The boss looks to be quite self-interested.


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Sorry about that, I did the application in the morning so I was tired as heck. Did a minor edit to make it 2010.

The chart's radically different. Jupiter-Venus, the rulers of me and the job are conjunct in Pisces, we're both exalted.

Jupiter(me) is involved in a yod with Mars and Pluto. Which I find interesting. Mars is in house 8 and Pluto in House 1.

Which means this is to move me in a direction to transform myself?


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Yes, I think that's a much better chart...it looks like you probably will get the job, and it will be a better outcome than the other old chart.

4 or 5 days after applying for it, possibly? :3