will i get married this year??

Neptune Rising

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If you can, would you please post up a chart for the question, it helps people to visualise what's happening with the planets. There are guidelines here on how to do this.

Thanks very much :)



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hi catii, im sorry i dont think you will. you're the sun in the 8th and saturn would be your wife, they are not making aspects not to mention neptune is on the descendant. with that neptune there to me it could mean 2 things, 1- you are being a bit dilusional about this (no offense i just mean that you have to date different girls until you find the right one, dont just marry the first girl you date! and then after 1 year or 2 of dating you become engaged or married not right away and since u are single now its silly to jump straight to marriage) OR 2. maybe the way you imagine married life to be is not what it will be in reality. i understand your culture praises early marriage and family life but theres more to life than that. youre young. single, no kids. why worry about getting married?? why not travel the world!!!! :biggrin: im 25 and ive dated many guys and so far none have been life partner material. if i had married the first guy i dated (or any of them for that matter) i would be miserable right now! just wait :wink:

good luck!


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any response pls?

There is a late ASC so according to Lilly you already know the answer, you have been tampering with question, or you have no hope of anything happening. He also says to be not confident in judgement with early or late ASC. Basically what the chart is saying is to wait and ask again. That's what I would do.


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im not able to understand can u kindly explain what you are trying to say?

shud i start a new thread?

William Lilly is a famous horary astrologer from the 17th century. Many of us follow his rules in horary. He says when considering whether a horary chart is fit to be judged,
1. See the question be readical, or fit to be judged, which is when the lord of the ASC and hour be one of nature or Triplicity.
2. Be not confident of the judgement if either the first few degrees or later of any sign be ascending: if the few degrees ascend, the matter is not yet ripe for judgment: if the later degrees arise, the matter of the question is elapsed, and it's probable the Querent has been tampering with others, or despairs of anu success: however, the heavens advise you not to meddle with it at that time.

You are the Querant since you asked the question and the ASC of the chart is in the last few degrees before it changes signs. Number 2 would apply to you and is saying to ask the question again at a later date. Wait a while, re-ask, and then post again.