Will I buy this specific property?


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Would like to share this chart with others to gain more insight.

Question: Will I buy this property? I said the specific address when asking.

I see exchange between buyer and seller will be ok. Condition and price of house is ok, price slightly flavor seller but not too much.
Problem I see is weakness in sun, asc lord. Due to this maybe buyer (me) will not proceed for some reason

I am not sure if answer is yes or no

Thank you kindly for looking at chart



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Where are you in the transaction? For example, have you made an offer and are wondering if it will be accepted?


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I am thinking I should make offer today or Monday. Everything else has been done.
I am not keen on the area but I do not have much choice. Thinking I should buy now whilst I can.

Maybe through my own weakness, indecision I will not go any further in the process.
That's also what I see in chart with asc lord. But not certain.



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You/Sun are peregrine, so ungrounded, untethered, wandering....
The property is the 4th ruled by Mars in its depression or fall in Cancer.
Moon is void of course, does not aspect any traditional planets before leaving Taurus.
I'm not seeing it.... that neither is your heart in it nor does the property merit acquiring it.
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This is why horary specifies that people cannot use horary to second guess what they will do. It only works when the action is at least 90% out of control of the questioner. As the question is stated, I would consider it to be an invalid question. As invalid, a person who might ask a question described in this way might do as well flipping a coin. Perhaps the real question was really meant in a different way?
Rather, I would suggest that the chart's description of the querent and the subject of the quesiton is spot on.


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At the moment you seem to have high hopes on this property - Mars at h11 -
making you reject potential buyers - Saturn at h7.