Will I buy new car by August 2018?


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Will I be able to buy the car by August this year?


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explanation why if you are interested:

no because you- mercury is in the 9th house of traveling, the moon in sagittarius underscores that point- it is clear your mind and yourself will be occupied with broadening your horizons- not on local transportation as a car would do

cars are ruled by the 4th house- conveniences and comfort- ruled here by mercury as well- again he is in the 9th house - of travel

the original lord of the 4th house, and the significator therefore of cars, houses etc is the moon- who also rules the second house of money here and is in the 7th house of business, law, other people- so the second lord of money is in the 7t house of business- in the sign of jupiter- who rules banking and investments- and jupiter himself is in the 6th of work- so this shows you will be in fact investing and not spending

venus-, is also significator if looking at cars- as she represents luxury and all things that give us pleasure- and she is in aquarius- with a debilitated sun- at the 29th degree

and finally i always check the north node to check if maybe something can still be promised- and here it is in the 3d house of everyday surroundings, short travel- meaning you probably wont be driving your own car- but rather use public transportation to get around locally

there are probably many other (more important) horary techniques like reception and whatever but i always look at what the chart is saying as a whole:smile:

dont worry im sure after all that investing you will have a car in no time:happy::happy::happy: