Will I become IAS officer ? Kindly analyze my chart

Ankita das

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Sir can i become ias officer ..plz analyze my chart..my DOB is 12/12/1991 at 9:05 pm , thrusday at madhubani , bihar...if there is no chnc for ias then there is other stream for me in govt. Job


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what finally happened,

may be there must be mechanisms to seek or assure final feedbacks.

taurus asc, creative, energetic, focused-determined-stubborn,
rahu taurus, enhanced love of food and comforts,
hotel management, international banking, etc
mars-venus conjunction good for finances apart from romantic relationships;

jup-ketu scorpio keen research-occult aptitudes, able to go to depths.

sun-mer-sat libra 6th, aptitude for social-legal justice,
ability to influence with own personality, good at govt liaison,
debilation of sun cancelled, gradual improvement;

cap-sat 9th inimical-badhaka for taurus asc,
stress-delay in luck-higher edu-father-distant travels;

mer-sat lords 5/9 conjunct indicative of prosperity,
with greater efforts being 6th house;
sat elevated able to cope with challenges;
sat also lord 10th for career elevated;

moon own cancer 3rd, good for teaching-advisory roles, singing,
good for written tests, trine elevated aspect from jupiter;
jup trine aspect own pisces 11th for gains-results;

kalasarpayoga between elevated-positive ketu-rahu;
taurus creative, energetic, food-comforts;

hope these inputs enable reflect on cause for success.

wishing well, in case feedback of what happened is known by any quarter,

best regards,



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You have a very good chart. Your ascendant is Aquarius and Venus is a yoga karaka planet for you, which occupies the tenth house. Jupiter has aspect on Venus. Hence much wealth and prosperity can be expected for you in life.
You have strong fourth and fifth houses indicating very good education.
The major-period of the Sun is current these days till May/2023. It is associated with Saturn very closely and occupies a constellation of Ketu. Both Saturn and Ketu are inimical to the Sun. The Sun is therefore handicapped to give good results.
With such a good chart I do not think it is advisable for you to spend years over trying to get into the IAS. Mercury and Venus have exchanged constellations in your chart. It appears that business is the right avenue for you which will yield excellent results.


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Appreciate posting the charts for ready ref :

Hope reading helps adapt-integrate clues : do share pointwise feedbacks,
how true-untrue-insightful, traits, aptitudes, health, events, prospects, etc :

sun-mer-sat sag 11th, gains from govt, corporates, statistics, orthopedics,
social elite, old people, old friends, gains from spouse and business partners etc;

sun-mer-sat, lords 1/5/7 conjunct 11th for gains-prosperity,
but under stress sun-sat being involved; strained relationships probably;

6 yrs Suryadasa now. wear ruby over pendant touching heart for govt gains etc;

mer aspecting own gemini 5th for luck-edu-position etc
mer 2nd highest deg factor for vocation, writings, etc

moon own cancer 6th aptitude for health services/services sector;
seeking sensitive work environment, diplomacy, etc
moon highest deg, the core personality; sensitive, intuitive, etc;

Moon Aslesha nakshatra ruled by mercury,
sniffing intelligence, good for detectives etc,

though said prone to high anger/Lakshmana;

rahu airy uncertain acq asc, foreignness, reformist; perform japa for rahu;

mars 2nd pisces volatile finances and emotional speech.

jup lord 2/11th over 4th taurus, gains-earnings from
mother, real estate, banking, hotel management; dentistry, advisory roles;

libra-venus inimical-badhaka for acq asc,
luck-edu-travels etc under stress-delay;
float 1.25kg large white beans over a clean flowing river;
or donate at Mata Mahakali temple tues evening after sunset;

badhaka venus over watery scorpio 10th, aspected by jupiter,
career-recognition-reputation-success under stress-delay, but protected;
research-occult aptitudes-alchemy/pharmacy etc, passionate;
10th lord mars over 2nd for finances;

asc sat now for 2.5yrs transit natal sat sag 11th for gains,
transit 6th from moon good; gains from govt, public admin;[

jup now transit libra 9th square moon, luck-edu under stress-delay,

jup aspects aries 3rd for writings/written examinations, good;
and trine aspect gemini 5th for luck-edu;
jup transit effective mid-course till march-april 018;
prayers to saint of your faith, offer yellow flowers thursdays;
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Respected sir,

Please analyse my chart if I will be able to clear civil services exam,ias/ips/irs. I am currently preparing hard for that.Some have demotivated me by saying that I will never become one. If you can tell me whether I will be able to clear UPSC, I will be really thankful for that.

Name: Shanmugi.N.P ( Female)
D.O.B : 24.10.1996
Time: 2.38 PM
Place of birth: Salem, Tamilnadu, India


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Date of birth 18/04/1992
Name kashmina khatun
Place of bieth udhampur jammu and kashmir
Time 08:20am
Can i crack upsc exam ias /ips


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Kashmina Khatun,
According to Vedic astrology my observations are as follows:
Period of earning is already started. But, in my opinion, it will be better for your professional front that profile must be linked for foreign lands.
You may have to move away from your nation.
Regarding your specific query, any competition needs strong efforts, no casual approach will help to crack such examination.
Mars in the house of profession, can give position of your choice, but Sun, and the same Mars has link with foreign lands, so chances of linkage with foreign lands will be better.
Sun is indicating that moving to foreign lands will not be surprising.