Will I be successful in my PhD thesis defense?


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Hello everybody!
I made a chart for my PhD defense which will be in a maximum of three months, first time in department, then in public. I haven't picked the dates yet. I don't know when it would be more appropriate. Between the two must be at least 20 days.
So, I am Venus in Taurus and the success is represented by the Moon, lord of 10th, in the 9th house, in domicile. Venus feels good in Cancer and the Moon is dignified in the sign of its exaltation, Taurus.
The thesis is represented by Mercury retro in Taurus, a big problem and conjunct Algol.

What do you think about this? will it be necessary to redo the thesis?
Thank you in advance for your responses.


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You as Venus are a very strong candidate with Venus in essential dignity by rulership, triplicity, term, and accidental dignity being in an angular house. It looks like there is significant opportunity for a successful defense with a dignified Moon applying and very close to perfecting a sextile with Venus, and this coupled with the mutual reception you describe.
It also does look like some work remains to be done on the thesis, some going back over it, with Mercury retrograde and applying to square dignified malefic Saturn. I wonder if it might be feasible for you to go over thesis, to refine it further, before the defense?
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Lord 9 weak, retrogade, conjunct algol and heading square to saturn though the aspect never perfects,

Sun graces Cusp 9
Luna ruler of 10th is weak but will sextile you

Looks like you do successfuly defend it, but it will be a struggle. There is something missing with regards to your knowledge as of now.


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I'm a retired academic. I cannot say how a doctoral defense would work in your country or university. But just in general. I think you're in a strong position. With Libra rising, you are ruled by Venus, angular and domiciled in Taurus. Higher education is a 9th house matter, but your supervisory committee, external examiner/s (if required), and supervisor should belong to the 10th house, ruled by the moon.. Your moon is domiciled in Cancer in the 9th, and squares Jupiter, just prior to a sextile with Venus. I think this indicates tension, but no prohibition.

The 9th house is ruled by Gemini. Gemini looks a bit weakened by the Algol conjunction, retrogradation, and the 8th house.
However, if you look at an ephemeris, Mercury actually was pretty much stationary as 26 Taurus at the beginning of June, and then went direct. Today it's at 22 Gemini. All kinds of prominent people have a prominent Algol in the horoscopes, and their lives turned out OK.

I would read this Mercury as an encouragement to ensure that you are absolutely following all of your university's administrative requirements to the letter. Double-check everything with Mercury retrograde. If you are able to consult with your supervisor and departmental committee members, make sure you follow all of their advice. During your defense if any committee members find fault with your thesis, you can probably acknowledge their insights and then agree to make any necessary revisions. Realize that the committee cannot just walk into your oral exam and say, "Everything looks fine!" They have to show each other that they can ask the tough questions. Some of this "performance" is for the sake of the other committee members, not yours.

Just expect some stresses and strains in the process, and have a plan for staying calm and working through any difficulties. Give yourself plenty of time.

I saw very few oral exam failures during my career, and these were because of problems between the supervisor and student. Generally the student hadn't taken the supervisor's direction, so the supervisor essentially gave up on the student. Hopefully that's not your issue.

Then do some event planning. In relation to your natal chart, see if you can pick some good dates for your defenses, and any other dates important to your getting your doctorate.

Good luck with all of this! And please let us know what happens.


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Thank you very much for all answers and for good wishes! I hope everything will be fine.

My supervisor said that it is a good thesis, he agrees with it. The guidance committee is evaluating the thesis now, after that I will make the changes if needed. I have a few publications in ISI journals and I have met all requirements.

During this period Jupiter transits the 10th house and I think it is a positive aspect for the presentation.

Thank you again and I wish you all the best.


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I can try, oana11, with the caveat that typically there are no perfect dates, just that some dates look better or worse than others. Choosing future dates is called electional astrology. It's best done in comparison with your birth chart.

Best wishes for your defenses.


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Hello, everybody!
As an update: I successfully passed my PhD thesis presentation. Thank you all for your support. I wish you all the best.