Will I be satisfied in my new job?


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I'm a beginner in horary so please bear with me.I had a job interview recently,which turned out ok,and I'll be starting this job sometime this month.It's an office related job,it's not my dream job,but judging by the situation in my country it's a privilege to even have a job in the 1st place.I really want to be good at this job.Now I'm starting to get really stressed about it though,and begin to wonder:Will it be easy for me?Am I going to be happy and satisfied in it?

Since the question is not as simple as "will I get the job",I'm having difficulty interpretating it.

I am the Moon in Leo in the 1st house,having 3 nice sextile aspects,one separating from Mercury,the other two applying to Sun and Saturn.There is an upcoming square to Mars and Venus,but since they are not in aspect yet,I won't give them much importance.The sextile to the Sun and to a strong Mercury and Saturn,look good enough,even though there in no reception between them,so I'm not sure what problems may arise.

The 10th ruler is Mars in Taurus in the 11th house,weak by sign,but in the term of Jupiter,separating from a conjunction to Venus.I still have no idea what this means.

I see some other things as well,Jupiter in the 10th peregrine,some aspects to the P.of Fortune etc.,but since I don't know how to interpret them,I'll leave that to the experts.

Any help is appreciated!


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I am guessing you will be stable in this position, even though you may feel restrained somehow. Maybe you like jobs that allow you contact with more people and this one will be only inside the office . The ruler of the job itself is Jupiter and being in the 10th house, i think it shows that you will work very hard to achieve your goals and to make a good impression. Your career is Mars and being in the 11th house means that you will keep this job especially because of the money. I think its a very strict skedule that you will have to keep and this will make you frustrated, there are rules that everybody has to obey but i think you will make a lot of friends there, especially women.
This is only my opinion on the subject, I hope it helps.:biggrin:


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Thank you Julie!That was interesting since it gives a good description of how this job really is,inside an office,with many women also working there and a strict schedule.I've been unemployed for a very long time and that's the reason I'm so stressed about it.I'm afraid it won't be easy for me.


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I'm just updating to say that the reading was quite accurate in all its aspects.I'm impressed and I have no idea how you knew all this stuff!