Will I be living in other house?


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The question for the posted chart is if I will be living in other house.
I am the Moon, in 10th house making sextile to Saturn in his own sign, ruler for next home. Am I Fortune, also? Is the Moon in cazimi?
I wish to have a biger home so I made this chart.

Please give me an insight. Thank you.


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Your separating from a sextile to Saturn, this is something in the past, its not something to come. Jupiter in the derived 4th house would be the "bigger home" you speak of wanting, after the conjunction with the sun the next aspect moon makes will be a square to Jupiter @23 Aries/Capricorn, this degree does put the moon in the bounds of mars, mars also being out of sect would bring the most trouble and mars being in the 7th (derived 4th) would be bringing difficulties and issues with regards to getting a bigger house to do with children (intercepted 5th/11th axis).


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Thank you very much, Chrysalis.
Therefore, it will be difficult for me to buy a new home. Even if I will have a larger family. Correct?


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You as the Moon are combust, which shows you are dissatisfied/ unhappy with the present situation

Could I ask if this "other" house has anything to do with an inheritance?
Also, any money issue involved?
The other house is ruled by Saturn, which has recently changed signs, so there has been a change of situation.

Jupiter is sitting in there and I am trying to understand what or who Jup is. Mother?

Can you respond pls and give some background? A bit of background is needed.