Will i be in relationship soon


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Hi everyone. My question is will i be in some relationshp, and with who? This is the Chart: Ascendant is in Cancer, so i am Moon and Venus. He is saturn and Sun. Moon is in my 10th house, nearly entering 11th in Taurus in exalt. and in his triplicity(starange, this shows that i will be more in love in meself, then to this person) Moon is in Saturns face and term, so i will like him
.Saturn is in my 4th house in Libra in exalt. too, and in councunx with Moon. Not a good aspect
Saturn is in Libra, under Venus rulership (this person will like me)and in his Triplicity( he will have great respect for himself)He is in Moons face and term, so he will like me too
Sun is at 0 degree of Scorpio( should i even consider to read this chart?) and it is conjuct with Mercury. Sun and Moon are in opposition. Venus is in Scorpio in detr. and will go retrograte soon.It doesnt look good to me. Will i be in relationship? Mine ruler and this person ruler and coruler are in aspect, so this is yes. But aspects are opposition and coincunx, wich is bad
According to Sun/Moon opposition if i would enter in a relationship, this will be 8th weeks from now( is that right, because i am not good at timing?). what do you think? Please help, i know i sound desperate, but i havent be in relationship for years, and i am realy afraid i would end up alone forever.


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