Will I be able to pay my rent?

My question was along the lines of if I’ll have enough money in time for rent without needing to ask help from my family. I recently became a full time artist but am also looking for other ways to make money. I’ve been stressing and wondering if I will be able to have enough income to pay my rent with out asking from family. From the chart I was thinking yes? I’m hoping anyways lol. I’m Venus. My finances are mars and house related stuff is Saturn. It looks like there is a heavy focus on the forth house which is what really stood out. Mars is about to enter into the forth house which makes sense since I don’t have rent due soon but not yet and conjunct me (Venus) in Capricorn Saturns dignity and mars exaltation. Moon is in detriment tho which I’m guessing is where I’m at emotionally since I feel worried about making rent in time. I don’t know if Jupiter has any meaning in this I’ve just heard it’s a benefic planet and may mean luck in song way? And I noticed me (Venus) will be sextiling jupiter as well as my finances (mars) sextiling Jupiter. So if I’m correct and the answer is yes I was curious if anyone could see how I’ll obtain the finances if there are any clues to that? Also I was looking at the declinations even though I’m not sure if those can be used in horary? But I noticed Saturn and Venus are parallel under 1 degree if that means anything.