Will I be able to move to another job earlier than the end of my contract term?


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Dear all,

I've been in sort of an occupational crisis for over a year. Since I got fed up with my old job, I switched jobs earlier this year. The only problem is: the job I have now is even worse than before. The base of my unhappiness is "doing the work" but never "being (ap)praised for the work".

I think I finally got my head together on what I really want, and I've started acting on it since about a month or two. I already got one interview and 2 applications pending. I've decided to pursue management level with all I got. My current contract term wil end in about 5 months time and what I wanted to know is:
"Am I able to move to another job earlier than my contract term will end?".

Attached the chart:

Attempt at interpretation:
At first glance the chart looks scary with the heavy squares to the sixth house from Jupiter/Uranus. Jupiter is both the traditional ruler of Pisces and the ruler of Saggitarius. Though it's not a Reception, and Mercury R is not a good sign for business usually. Is Jupiter strong in this case?

The moon is doing an ingoing wide trine to Saturn (rules house of contracts).

I'm also receiving trines from Tr. Jupiter/Uranus to my natal Mars located in the 7th house (I have a mars/uranus profession) making a grand trine to my natal Uranus in the 10th. The conflicting information once again is: Tr. Saturn is going back and forth over my Venus in the 8th house.

What do you guys think?


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Hi All,

A small update. I got invited for a management position at a small company. The amount they were willing to pay was huge compared to what I earn now. I got through to the second round, one other candidate left. Basically it was one of the best interviews I ever did in my life. Even so, I got rejected for the position. The other (male) candidate had 'just a little more experience'. Since I've seen the guy sitting walking out and knowing what I did in the past, I don't think so. It's also not the first time I got asked in an interview: "Are you married?", "Are you cohabitating?". It usually ends up in me saying: "No, I'm a career maker". I guess that was all the clues I needed. I don't even think I should continue with an interview if that leaves the mouth of the other side.

I have a grand trine right now in houses 2,7 and 10 and that still won't help me to get where I want to be. I got an opportunity, that's it.