Will I be able to do this job?

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Hi there

Since Saturn has been in my 10th house, my career path has completely changed. Its all new, being built up and I'm doing a few different things, still need to make some money. I found this job today, its been on my mind for a while, I was offered something similar about 15 years ago. Now I see it again in a slightly different form.

I wondered, Will I be able to do/get this?

I am Mars
Job is Sun
work is 6th house Mars.

Moon is about to sextile Jupiter by strong mutual reception. Not sure what that is, Jupiter rules 5th house and intercepted sign in 2nd house. Money? Its in the 7th house in Venus sign. I would have to get in touch with a lady for this job.

North node in the 2nd house may be positive for money. Plus Moon sextiles the depositor of that node.

Moon sextile Jupiter, opposes Sun, opposes Venus and Mars as final aspect. Moon in beneficial sign in mutual reception with that benefic.

It looks like I could get this job. I dont know about the timing though as the fixed angles and mutuable Moon.

Does anyone have thoughts on this?




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At first this chart looked favorable for the question. The significator of the job is the Sun and your significator is Mars. There looks to be a sextile aspect between Mars and the Sun. However, when I looked in the ephemeris, I saw that Mars leaves Cancer before the Sun can catch up with it.

The other consideration is the opposition from the Moon to the Sun. Oppositions are unfavorable for the question in horary. There is a favorable sextile aspect between the Moon and Jupiter with mutual reception. Jupiter rules your finances and both Moon and Jupiter are in good houses.

Therefore, the bad news is that you will not get this particular job. But there is certainly hope that your finances will improve in the near future. There is a job there somewhere.

dr. farr

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Is this a professional, executive or career-path type job, or a "regular" or "ordinary" type job (not knocking anything by using these terms) You know what I am trying to do in asking this: to decide if the quesited significator will be 10th house or 6th house.

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Thanks very much Culpepper, I haven't gone for this job yet as its so different from anything I've done before. It would only be a casual job and i'd need to go on a course which I cannot spare the cash for at the moment. I was given another job today though, another casual job to keep the cash flowing.


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no you wont be

mars/sun no aspect
moon/sun no aspect

jobs are 10th house all of them

look in william lilly's 10th house matters
6th house is never taken into a consideration at all!
part time, full time, volunteer all 10th house matters


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(Following is in not in accordance with standard horary delineation and uses whole sign house format)

-casual job = 6th house = Aries = Mars
-you = 1st house = Scorpio = Mars
-in the Ankara (Ottoman) horary tradition, when querent and quesited have the same significator, then the condition of that significator determines the likely outcome of the question
-therefore, Mars is:
a) in the cadent 9th whole sign house = -
b) in its Fall sign of Cancer = -
c) in a pitted degree of that sign = -
d) in a Bright degree of that sign = +
So, this gives the querent/quesited significator Mars and net -2 result
-Mars flows away from the Part of Fortune (-) but Moon flows toward the POF and towards Mars (+) = net neutral testimony
-POF is posited in the job house = + testimony

Results = net -1 testimony, which indicates to me that you probably (but not definitely) will not get-or accept-this particular job.

(Note: experimental Walis Magic 8 Ball, taking the 6th house as job significator, also says "no"-ie, Aries on 6th = Mars = a "no" answer according to the 8 Ball divination)

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Thank you Dr Farr :)
I've decided not to go for this job, I have too much on with my other jobs and promoting the teaching job, I have no time left it seems for this one. At least for now.
I appreciate the analysis!!
Thanks again!


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Thank you Dr Farr :)
I've decided not to go for this job, I have too much on with my other jobs and promoting the teaching job, I have no time left it seems for this one. At least for now.
I appreciate the analysis!!
Thanks again!

I might sound stupid, but I would like to say what I see in your chart anyway.

Taking the part of your personality which is Pluto (Pluto being also the ruler of Scorpio and its placement in 3rd shows you have been thinking and communicating about the job) I would like to say, this might not be the right job for you, but you are perhaps considering some kind of partnership business with a friend? In my opinion, this partnership should go really well although you might have some opposition from your home. Perhaps you are not giving this opportunity enough merit? I would surely if I was you!

Please tell me to go away if I am totally out of the point :)
But this is how I see it.

Best regards.

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Thank you Chirongirl, and you don't sound stupid at all!
Its nice to see a different perspective on the analysis.

I have actually been thinking of asking my friend about a partnership. This friend actually suggested this to me all those years ago and I declined at the time. I haven't gone as far to actually ask, but been seriously considering it. And the opposition from my home makes sense.

There may be another job coming up though soon which would help.

Thanks again! :)