Will I be a mother?


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I'm just wondering if anyone could see any reason why I might not become a mum? I've been single for 10 years, no romance at all and I worry. I feel I wandered into a desolate desert. Any advice as to why this is and what I might expect in the next few years would be so helpful. I love vedix astrology, but have never learnt it. Thank you.


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Indeed you become mother since malefic s influencing 5th lord it delaying childbirth . also you may also undergo medical treatment for childbirth . rahu dasa is running and rahu is influencing 5th lord in D7 . so it gives abortions , if you already experienced that it wont happen again . 2nd lord in 2nd is also obstruct the progeny . 5th lord is aspected by sat so it delays . but indeed it gives . but that child will ruin fathers life . father faces downfall as soon as child born, do proper remedy for that . before 2024 you will get child . mostly male child .


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This is so interesting - thank you! It's how I feel in my body. Very interesting what you say about the father... there is a potential gentleman on the cards. His birthdata is:

12th August 1961
London, UK

I often wondered if the saturn part might mean that the father is older...? Or that the child is made in secret (hence the downfall)? Thank you so much for looking at this for me. I would love to learn Vedic Astrology. x