Will I achieve the desired body in 6 months time?


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Hello fellow forumers,

If you can look beyond the vanity of the question you might see the peculiar nature of its horary interpretation.

This thread is about medicine and health and so I felt it would be more appropriate to post my question here.

The thoughts going through my mind when I asked the question were: "will i get into shape for my 30th birthday?" (will i get toned enough to be satisfied with my physical being and physical appearance?).

Background: I had been living a sedentary lifestyle resulting in back pain, lack of energy and what others would call "skinny fat" body.
I turn 30 in September 2014 and I joined the gym and local classes a couple of weeks ago.

The peculiar nature of the interpretation is that it doesn't concern an objective measure of the outcome but rather a subjective one - my own body image and my level of standard pertaining to the results.
I remember reading somewhere that in questions regarding plastic surgery one would look to the Ascendant/1st house as the querent and the quesited. I am wondering if it's the same case here.

Ascendant: 7 degrees Virgo
Mercury is 18 degrees Aquarius, exalted by sign placement, domicile by house placement (6th)
Moon 5 degrees Pisces, domicile

6th house is in Aquarius
Ruler of the 6th house is Saturn, peregrine in Scorpio, intercepted in the 3rd house

No aspects between Mercury and Moon
Moon is approaching an opposition to the Ascendant (6 degrees orb - perhaps too wide to consider?)
Mercury squares Saturn


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