will he sent me friendship request?


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Hi. I asked question : Will he sent me facebook friendship request, and i got this chart: Ascendant is Scorpio, and Mars(me) is in my 11th house in Scrorpio,soon entering my 12th. 7th house is in Taurus, and he( Venus) conjuction Mars in my 12th house.He is in detr. and i am in dom., does that mean that depends on me?Moon in my 5th hous in Aries. Sun, his coruler conjuction Saturn, ruler of my 3th house in 10th house in Libra. Sun also rules his 3th house. Mercury representing also communication is on MC.I am not sure what that mean. His ruler is in my 12th ,and mine will be there soon, does that mean that the answer is no? Please help:(


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The chart gives me mixed messages !

Sun and Saturn will conjoin soon ... which tells me 'Yes'. :love: But Venus and Mars will conjoin in the 12th house ... possibly this relationship will remain a secret. This tells me 'No'. :bandit: A word of caution ... Venus is not exactly happy in Scorpio. It is under the influence of Mars but at some level it is uncomfortable here being in detriment.