Will He Make Contact With me By February?


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Me and a friend fell out recently and I feel he wants to make contact but I'm not sure if he will, I feel he wants to but may be apprehensive and scared I won't react well to him. So I ask the question: will he make contact with me by february 2013.

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Who is who?

Reading the chart you are shown by the first house and the Moon.

He is shown by the seventh.

You are Mercury the first ruler and the Moon and he is Jupiter ruler of the VII.

How do you both feel?

He is in Gemini and you are in Sagittarius. There is a mutual reception.

You are in each others signs.

This means that you both care about each other very much.

Does this mean we make contact?

We need the significators to join for contact.

Does Mercury contact Jupiter, no. Does Moon contact Jupiter. Yes.

When? In 37 seconds of arc.

So in 37 days, months, years or hours there is contact. Normally you need to look at your

natal chart to find which one it is. (Continue below pics)


Other charts normally refine the timing, but here the question is framed within the

deadline of February, so the answer would be 37 days, not years, months or hours.

So around 37 days, makes it late January 2013.

A liitle song below for you,


Let me know the timing when he contacts.

A Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and everyone here who we have all

shared our lives with over the past year on this forum. A happy christmas and thanks to all

the sponsors and moderators too, who make this forum possible.


Genesis Chap 1 verse 14. Then God said, “Let there be lights in the firmament of the heavens to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs and seasons, and for days and years."
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Thank you so much, ptolemy for your delightful reply! :smile::smile:

That was well worth the wait! i really appreciate the way you wrote out the answer as i'm a newbie to horary reading, and I completely understood what you said. so i will patiently wait for contact and will definitely let you know when he gets in touch :smile:

Thanks for the song! its lovely - and Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year to you too!



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Well, he got in contact last weekend. Sent a message and disappeared again. Weird to say the least.

It is strange because he got in contact twice last weekend and disappeared. He's likely messing around but I do feel he is scared of something or something is holding him back.

I'm wondering if I should cast another chart to ask if he is interested in maintaining contact or is he messing around? will the chart above answer this new question?

Thank you :))


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You have all your answers above. Late January he returned and he cares

about you very much.

The timing was correct and so its description of his feelings is correct too.

if you need any serious help and do not forget your astrology underground here.


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Thanks a lot, Ptolemy :)

Your reading was very accurate. He did get back in touch just after you replied today and said he is having issues at the moment and has had to return home :(

Thanks for replying I love your posts! :)