Will he leave us?


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I never thought it a good idea answering a chart in ref to a third party. in this case your Dad whose supposedly is having an affair. No expert but. Your father is 10th house mercury. The other woman? I believe she is Mars in Aries which rules the 5th house of romance and affairs. They both are conjunct in the 9 th house of distant places so maybe they plan on leaving together. You should really stay out of the affairs of your parents. Either way, I'm sure your dad loves you. Plus, Neptune that is ruling the 4th house of home shows deception on the home front and Chiron the wounded healer sitting in there just confirms the hurt at home. Horary is best for questions regarding you. Get more opinions from more advanced souls like Tikana or Sunrise, Ilenek Raphella. They are a genius at this. Remember I COULD BE WRONG! So, take it with a grain of salt. This forum is a learning forum so I'm sure I'll be forgiven if I'm not correct.


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Will my father leave us for another woman?
Your father is signified by the 10th, Merc. His having an affair would be the 5th sign/house from the 10th, ruled by Jupiter.

Your dad/Merc retrogrades away from Jup and there is no reception between them. If there is something going on [and I am not sure that there is since Jupiter is in mutual reception with someone else/Saturn] then I do not see your father leaving the family over this. But I don't see this chart pointing to anything necessarily going on.

You as querent are ruled by Mars. Merc meeting Mars may possibly refer to his remembering you.