Will he leave his girlfriend for me?


I respect your opinion, but I need an astrological answer.
Horaries are my new favourites, but I'm not good at it yet, especially when it involves more than 2 persons.


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Your significator is Moon and your interest is 7th ruler, Saturn. They are both moving towards a conjunction here, so looks like you will get together.

His girlfriend would be Venus, she rules both you and him. Yet she is pretty weak, Venus being in detriment at the moment. She is not happy, until she reaches Taurus which happen soon, in less then 3 degrees (weeks, months).

Does she know about you? If she does, or if she suspects something, maybe that's the reason she is in detriment...

If he chooses to be with you, I don't think it will be a longterm relationship. Moon will end up opposing all those planets. Moon has not much dignity, being in its own face only.

Saturn being retrograde shows his hesitation with this. He is unsure if he should take this step. He does also care for his girlfriend as he is in her sign and exalted there. Venus (his girlfriend) will gain in power very soon.

Tread with care....If he is willing to cheat on his girlfriend with you, he will be willing to cheat on you too with someone else. You won't be able to trust him. Just my two cents.

Best wishes!


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Venus is probably in detriment because her boyfriend is a cheating jerk. Just sayin. The upcoming conjunction between moon and Saturn is without reception and is happening in the 4th house of endings. Very unhappy. And Saturn is rx so it will never last. Saturn doesn't have feelings for the moon. Venus is about to be much happier in Taurus, hopefully that means she will leave both cheaters in the dust and break free, finally out of detriment and away from people that hurt her. He does have feelings for her because he's in her sign, but she will figure out she deserves better than him way before he snaps out of acting like a jerk. No, he will not leave Venus for the moon. He is about to make a huge mistake that he will regret because he will lose Venus.
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Hmmm Moon and Saturn are in mutual application. So this could very well mean yes. But I'm not sure this is going to last long since Moon is headed into clashes with Jupiter, Mercury and lastly a Venus in detriment before she leaves her sign. Will also be headed into Via combusta.
Just looks like a coming together and then separating.


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I agree with the interpretations here and would add one more thing: When one of the significators are a malefic, the outcome will not be all that is hoped for.