Will he get the job at this organization?


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My partner recently applied for a new job. He's really into this job and put in his best effort to apply, however, it's really competitive. My question is whether he would get this job (results may be known by end of March).
Here's the link to the chart:

He's represented by Saturn - ruler of my 7th house. He's in a weak house yet essentially dignified in Aquarius. His turned 10th house is Venus - which happens to be in the 8th house, too. Venus seems to like Mars better (ruler of his turned 11th house). Could this mean the employer is in favor of another candidate?
Saturn is going to form a square with Moon and conjunct Mercury, yet Mercury is retrograde. I don't think this chart gives much hope for his application.
What do you think? Input or comment is greatly appreciated as always.


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Is it you asking the question -- not your partner?

It would be clearer if you cast horary charts using Regiomontanus house system and not whole signs.

However, I do agree with you mostly. He's Saturn, the employer is Venus, and his competitors are Sun (his 7th is you so we take the next sign).. Venus is applying to conjoin Sun but won't catch it until the 25th of March at the start of Aries (and on Chiron). Her next aspect is to square Mars -- the radix 10H ruler. I think the employer may be in favour of another candidate but as you say, you won't find out until the end of March.

However, if we look at Moon as well, it is separating from a sextile with Sun (your partner's competitors and also his L8/debt, in detriment, perhaps he has money problems), and applies to square Saturn (in domicile) from it's own exaltation. I think he would have to work hard but it's possible that he would get the job. However, the square will be exact on Uranus, his secondary dispositor, so there will be some suddenness or upheaval or change about whatever transpires. Are you committed to a long-term partnership together?

I think he is a strong candidate for the job.. sorry I can't quite reach a conclusion about this though. I would like to look at it in Regio...


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thank you very much for your time and input. Yes I was the one asking the question and we are in a committed relationship.
I think the chart doesn't give much hope, either. I will provide updates by the end of March :)