Will he get support?


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My cousin, ******* by Covid-19 and family issues, is depressed and struggling with debts. He tried to get loans or get financial support several times but was rejected. A moment ago he asked me where he could be able to receive financial support/loan to get through this. I tried casting a chart based on his question as I was not sure if Horary could help with this question or not.
He's represented by the Sun in the 7th house in Pisces. Jupiter is the ruler of his 8th house. Moon's in Cancer and not void-of-course and will form a trine with Neptune, co-ruler of his 8th house. Sun will make a conjunction with Venus - ruler of his 3rd and 10th house. I feel that this means there's a possibility that he may get a loan. Could it be possible for him to get help from work, or from his mother or his siblings (he's got a sister)? Not from me though as I am unable to lend him any money at the moment. Or am I misunderstanding the chart? Any pointers will be greatly appreciated.


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Actually as you suspected his question can't really be answered by horary.
The question that is answerable would be "Will I be able to get a loan?", or financial help, or again, Will they give me a loan?


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This chart doesn't look promising to me if what he wants is for other people to give him money. On what basis would they know that he would-- or could-- repay them?

Assuming one debt in order to cover off another has to be managed with some care. If he's got problems like credit card debts, it may be possible to consolidate them, to lower the interest payments.

If we take your cousin as the one asking the question (sun in 7th,) and the 8th house as money that is shared with other people, the two significators are not connecting. Jupiter rules the 8th house and it is located in your cousin's turned 12th house. Not promising.

I use the modern outer planets as supplementary data points, not as sign rulers. Neptune on the 8th house cusp makes me wonder how realistic your cousin is being.

The moon's next aspect is a sextile to Mars in the 10th house of career. I think increasing his personal income through his profession is his best bet. Mars in the 10th is in detriment, but it is angular.

Also, Mercury rules the 2nd house of your cousin's personal money. Mercury applies to a conjunction with Jupiter. This makes me wonder whether he might sell something, or cut his personal expenses to free up money that is currently leaving him.

It wouldn't hurt for your cousin to ask his family members for some financial support, however.


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Thank you all for your responses. I agree that it would have been easier if his question had been a yes-or-no question.
Thanks @waybread for your analysis. Your words are really easy to understand and to the point. My cousin previously had a saving but ended up spending most of it on his medical bills. His company was shrunk due to Covid and due to his health conditions it has been difficult for him to continue his work.
I hope he would get some help from his family to get through this.
Back to astrology, I take it that the Moon-trine-Neptune aspect in the chart may refer to how the querent is having unrealistic expectations of how things may turn out, which seems kind of true in my cousin's case.


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Perhaps early next month when the Moon is in Libra or Scorpio (although it will be waning).

Just pop in here with an update that your interpretation is spot-on, my cousin did manage to get a loan. The offer came early today. However, the loan he's about to receive is hardly sufficient for him to get through this.
Thanks again for all of your comments!