will he call me?


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Hi everyone, we had some problems with my boy friend last week. and we decided open new page in our relationship. but I have some concerns about his feelings and this morning I sent him a message and wrote my feelings what I think about him. And I told him, if you want to stay you stay with me and if you don't want to stay please leave my life. Now, I'm really wondering that if he call me or not? :(


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I'm going to say yes: Your significators are in partile/exact trine, with you/Sun in his house of romance.
It seems he/Saturn may have the upper hand, being in dignity and you may be the more interested as Sun is the faster moving of the two planets.
The reception between you is not so grand, but I'll take a chance and say yes, he will call.
I hope and please keep us posted.

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I’ll say yes there will be communication, because of the trine iienek mentioned in her analysis-but his house of communication-3rd from 7th-is under mars, and sun does flow away from mars, plus your secondary significator moon flows toward him (saturn); to me it seems that you will initiate contact-I further agree with iienek’s analysis that he might well have the upper hand in this matter at this time, based on the quality of chart indications.