Will he be well behaved?


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I see these young children around me, they are using abusive language, screaming and yelling. And on the other hand, some are nice too, they are caring, well behaved, listen to their parents, off-course may have occasional melt-downs. Children draw from their parents and surroundings extensively. And this made me wonder if my son is going to turn out to be well-behaved?

Chart has an early ascendant, I understand is personality is getting formed right now. He is just 3. But I do worry about his future, education, manners etc.
I don't know the house to take to know the answer to this question. But I do see a trine between me and him.


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Hello i think its easier to see in a birth chart how someone will act and react to the parents

Venus is peregrine, not in so good condition..

Saturn is in his own old sign but in some case saturn and aquarius are opposites.. Saturn wants commitment, and Uranus freedom. Saturn only describes you, not you as a mother

But also moon i think is important because it's sign of motherhood.. Moon is in your sons 4th house and Leo.. Leo all have to do with proud.. I think you don't have to worry so much..

In some way children draw from their parents and surrounding but in another every child have a different character.
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