Why People Understandably Have Different Opinions - Pictorial Images Welcomed *


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As humans I do not think there is one single thing that we can all agree on. We all have different lives and different surroundings and things in our brain that shape our opinions. If someone says ''water is needed for survival'' there is probably someone in this world that seriously believes that it isn't no matter how much ''scientific'' facts you show him. Maybe it is my libra moon talking but there isn't anything that humans will be able to agree on. Of course since that is the case someone here might say ''but there is'' because everyone has different opinions. Sadly the world is really becoming like the novel 1984 (I know everyone says that but it's true) where you have to think one way to be accepted into society. Since I think that there is nothing we can all agree on we have to accept that no one can think the same thing and you can't force them too. I am so tired of people on social media spewing what is wrong think or right think.


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I think it's in response to Waybread's inane, pseudo-intellectual thread about why we're all polarised. Memeing with a vengeance :)

5,000,000 IQ here: Imagine having wrong opinions? Pft, clearly everyone else has an issue since my opinion is always true. I am a genius, after all.



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Anger, suspicion and jealousy disturb our minds.
The antidote to these emotions is to cultivate patience and tolerance.
Who provides us the opportunity to develop it? :smile:
The one we call our enemy.
Therefore, we can see him or her as a teacher.
- His Holiness The 14th Dalai Lama