Why no sex?


Hi everyone, it's a long and very bad period that every story that start with a good emphasys on sex, even with beautiful astrological aspects, finish in...nothing. Can you tell me when this **** period will end? It seems that a sort of...bad luck follows every my attempt...
I included my natal chart and some synastry of my defeats.
Thanks a lot


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I think you should provide more detail to your approach to sex. With all that leo it would seem that you might have too much for most to handle!!


Dear mooncereal,
first of all thanks for your answer.
So by your opinion the matter is the lot of value in Leo that are in my natal chart.
I don't know but I try to describe the dynamic of the matter so it could maybe clearer.
Me and she we always start from a strong feeling that almost immediately began desire. We go forward but a certain point, after the preliminaries, she seems get scared by the possibility to lost the dominion of the thing, get scared to lost herself and the domain over her deep feelings: it's seems something that sound like "Oh my God I'm in his hands, and not the reverse!"
Thanks a lot again
Hi yuri,
I saw that you have a lot of the Leo in you, you must be a guy that has an awful lot of a leonine charisma. At your age you have had the time to develop your full potential, rise your roaring voice above the Leo stelliums and reap the successes of your chart. Now let your ego take a step back and read on as if you were an Aquarius.

Now mine is a common sense approach.
Leo has that self-centered thing, caring a lot for his mane and wanting to shine out in any situation.
With such a Mars you should be doing some sports, to take it all this leonine tension out, so I suppose that you are energetic and sporty when it gets down to sex. But as I mentioned self centered, I would imagine that there is a soft Neptunian cloud that distorts your just (Libra) view of the situation.
Reading your post it is certainly obvious that there is something that disturbed your girlfriends that you were not aware of.
1. Are you an egoist in bed? Maybe you can't perceive women's signals.
2. Is it probable that you are imposing a practice which stresses the woman? Some kind of fetish, you think is normal, but is not? Like dirty talking? Peeing? Dominating?:rightful:
3. Maybe you need to invest more time in tender foreplay, let them know the sweet side of the big cat.
4. Let them dominate. Every real Dominator knows that he depends and is a toy in the hands of his Slave. The only way to real domination is total surrender. (BDSM forums have been quite educating for me;-)

Lion o ness

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Maybe its a Leo thing, because I have been in a rut myself... :surprised:

Im think Its my transit Saturn conjunct my Uranus which then sextiles my Leo Stellium.. Maybe not.. humm wondering..

Transit Saturn is conjunct your Asc

I've been saying Saturn has killed my personal life. :andy: