Why have I had so much trouble making friends my whole life?


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You have ♂ on the DSC in square to ☽, ruler of the 11th house. This indicates lots of potential conflict in your dealings with other people in general, not only those people whom you consider your friends.

- ☽ is in mutual negative reception with ASC ruler ☿: ☽ is in detriment of ☿ (♐︎), ☿ in detriment of ☽ (♑︎). This means that you and your friends tend to have opposing views.
- ☽ is conjunct ⛢, which might show friends with idiosyncratic and unreliable tendencies, lacking harmony.
- ☽ is also conjunct the fixed star Lesath (Scorpio's Stinger), or Upsilon Scorpii at ca. 24° ♐︎ using Tropical Zodiac, though this isn't shown in the chart. The scorpion is a nasty venomous animal and the stinger acts as its weapon - so symbolically speaking, your friends might turn out to be toxic and backstabbing.​

Screenshot 2023-07-31 17.05.46.png

Here you can see Lesath next to Shaula, the two stinger stars within the constellation of Scorpio. Due to precession, Lesath is currently at ca. 24° ♐︎ (Tropical zodiac), lying about 14° to the south of the ecliptic/zodiac line. If you draw a line from Lesath to the ecliptic, you can see that both and are conjunct Lesath degreewise, even though their latitudes differ considerably ( is almost exactly on the ecliptic, is 5° south of it).
Compare Lesath and Shaula to Antares (Scorpio's Heart), the Alpha star in the constellation. Antares is at ca. 9,5°
♐︎ and about 5° south of the ecliptic. As the Alpha star it's also brighter than all the other stars in Scorpio. The brighter and/or closer to the ecliptic a fixed star, the more powerful its astrological effect)

Looking at the ☽'s southern latitude (-5°, close to its max deviation of -5°18' ) and closeness to the southern solstice (0° ♑︎), it's clear you have an Out-of-Bounds ☽, falling outside of the ☉'s equatorial realm which lies between the tropics of ♋︎ and ♑︎.
- If you look closely, ☿ is slighty south of 0° ♑︎, so it's OOB too.
- ⛢is not OOB, although a tiny bit south of the ecliptic, since it's farther away from 0° ♑︎. I also checked its equatorial declination to make sure.

According to Paul F. Newman, OOB planets can no longer be "supervised" by the King of Stars (☉) and hence they tend towards showing independent, extreme, unrestrained, "feral" behaviour. They're either exiled outcasts, or adventurers who go outside of the kingdom's borders by their own volition.

Your OOB ☽ is furthermore conjunct ⛢, enhancing the effect of being "the odd one out". However, due to the fact that OOB ☽ is applying to the conjunction of OOB ☿, showing friends and yourself coming together, I think you'll always be able to make new friends in life - you just might have to venture out of the comfort zone and seek out the people who are as "extraordinary" as you yourself are!​
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