Why does Pisces girl keep doing this?!

Lion o ness

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OOO If I could meet a Pisces with a Leo Moon/Asc... Can I put an add in the paper???

Where is he????

Im all for Pisces and Leo also... :whistling:

Lucy and Desi

Kurt and Courtney (ok maybe not the best example)


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She keeps leaving me, and then coming back to me. IS this typical?! can someone look at mine and her charts?!:) thx

ThisIsMe, you'd be better off posting her natal chart (this takes permission though) as well as a Composite chart, if you're wanting an aspect analysis.

I don't think we can simply put her behaviour down to her (what I'm assuming) Pisces sun sign.


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Promise no rude comments? And btw when i say 'leaving' i mean breaking up with me and coming back. I know as soon as i post the chart you are all gonna say 'it's cause she is young'.. here is the chart i think.. lol


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wow, you weren't kidding when you said she was young!
i can't offer much insight on her chart, but i have a younger brother who's a pisces (he's a couple of years older than her) and he regularly breaks off from his group of friends to return to them after he's had some alone time. sometimes it's a quiet break, sometimes it gets ugly when he confronts them and provokes arguments


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The disappearing behaviour would be fine if not for the "breaking up" part. It is true that she's young and she obviously needs some time to learn how relationships work. She could just say "I need some alone time," or "Let me call you next week." There's no need for the dumping and returning. I've seen this before and I associate it with hellish emotional and crippling psychological problems. Of course, I had a pretty bad example back in the day. It's a red flag to me... a screaming red flag. That's why now I always leave the door open. If you want to leave, I'm not stopping you. If you want to leave, hurry. If you want to leave, go the ---- away already and don't come back! If you just want alone time, then stop breaking up with me! It's not a very difficult problem to solve, but it's her problem to solve. Just don't be her customary door mat. She may not be trying to hurt others, but she will with behaviour like that. At that age, no relationship should be forever anyway.


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ThisIsMe, she is really young to be committing herself to a relationship, but I don't need to tell you that right? :)

Just a quick glance at her chart reveals Venus (ruler of her seventh house = relationships) square Uranus.

If you google that aspect, you will be able to read how it manifests and her behaviour displayed, is one of those very traits you will read about.


ok, looking at her chart the first thing that popped out at me is her moon in the 12th house.

Please take everything I say lightly and do some research, cuz im only going off of experience and what I have studied myself.

I am not looking anything up in her chart also, Im just going off the top of my head, just want to help.

With her moon in the 12th house, its the house of seclusion. She hides her emotions, its the pisces house, so again she ll swim away til ready to emerge again. Pisces are indecisive and wishy washy (i hate it-but its the truth), with her sun pisces and moon in pisces house, its a conflicting struggle within herself, she needs to find out why shes doing it also, have you asked her why and what comes over her to bring her to the point she feel she needs to break up?

Also, theres an issue with the mother, some kind of
heavy influence over her? Im not sayin her mother tells her to break up with you, but there is something there, with the mother.

Shes a Scorpio rising, very secretive, and trust me you want her to have some down time, or it ll get ugly. Also, with the moon and her rising I wouldnt be surprised if she grew up seeing domestic violence, and that could be a reason for her break up make up senerio. Its all she knows how to do its what shes learned watching growing up.

Her venus and mercury tell me she needs communication, friends, so even though shes in seclusion, I am sure shes on the phone in her bedroom with all the lights off with maybe just the tv on, that with the moon and rising she has it that way.

Im sorry to say, I dont wana say shes involved in other relationships, but I am pretty sure she has other admirers calling her, and that may confuse her too. I am probably wrong but again its questionable.



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its all ok now!:)
she just said she wanted to spend more time with me. And, i made her feel not important. Things are better than ever:] btw, i know she is young, but iv'e been with her for over 7 months and known her for over a year now :whistling:


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You believe that you are the reason she was running away?

Oh, to be young and oblivious. :D Have fun and don't do anything that has permanent consequences!