why do we have such a connection?

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heyy guys
I would like to ask some help with this synastry. I have a friend I met some time ago but we got along very well, very fast. she is 8 years younger than me, but we talk about everything and we have this amazing rapport. we like the same things, we have similar interests and so on. she is straight, but sometimes I notice she keeps looking at me as if fascinated. I know she likes me as a friend, but sometimes we get along so well that people think we're a couple.
I know nothing beyond friendship will happen, but I've been trying to understand our connection through our synastry and I noticed we have an interesting synastry, like:

her Sun conjunct my MC and Eros
my MC/Eros opposite her MC
my Mars square her Eros
her Eros is close to my Moon/Chiron/ASC, but I don't know if it has any inffluence on these planets at all
we have some planets in each other's 7th house

is there anything else that I should look for in order to understand our friendship? how can we get along so well? I understand that MC-IC axis may be something to look for. But is there anything else that is strong in our connection?
Could someone please give me some suggestion? :)


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