Why do I seem to be unfortunate in


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This area.

I could write a book on how hard I worked in the last 10 years, done everything, how I worked on my conversation, social skills, confidence, observed a lot of men, read all the dating books etc. How hard I searched I'm still the only man not to have nothing with women, no mother, no female cousins, no female friends, when I spent 2 years at uni I seen many men and on Facebook and I get envious. And there is more and more and more. literally nothing with women.

I could write yet another book how many spiritual, law of attraction books I've read, how many psychics I've talk to over many years. At least they say I'm spiritually tested and the universe blocks me.

I could write another book of how there was nothing wrong with me which there isn't. And I tried my best.

And I don't get any dates on online dating and I could know what first and second message to write. no women wants me in the community for some reason even though there is way many. Some of them just made there minds up without getting to know me. I go out and many, many more.

I'm just unfortunately, unfortunate in an extreme way!

My venus is unaspected, somewhat saved by the mutual reception with moon.

My 7th lord is conjuct dignifed mercury.

I think it's the moon aspecting the 3 capricorn planets which could indicate this situation.


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Here is a new development, that might be helpful for you.

Natally you have that Moon trine Uranus. That means that at some point you will tap into that trine and be able to have meaningful connections with women. Even intimacy, as it is in the 8th.

There is an important cycle, when that Uranus finally comes to the conjunction with your Moon. It completes that natal Moon/Uranus trine.

Transiting Uranus is sitting on your natal Moon right now.

So I think you can come to an important revelation right now, about your struggles around emotional connections with women. This is a time of successful discoveries and sudden CHANGES in that area.

The keyword is emotional upheaval. The deeper meaning is a profound emotional cleanse that will take place, with or without our consent. The entire emotion apparatus will be changed from the roots, outdated structures will be updated and, in the process, some serious noise will be generated.

You may go through a great amount of psychological and emotional upheaval. Most of the time these events are not so bad just quite sudden and unexpected. You may fluctuate between moods of depression and veritable excitement. As the moon signifies your emotional nature and habits so Uranus is trying to open you up to different ways of feeling. You may have sudden changes to your daily routine or even have an unlikely affair. You will be acting irrationally, and it is important to let go of any rigid emotional patterns. You can discover how you are on a deeper level and being in touch with your deep feelings can make you feel more alive than ever before.

As you can see, this is a very important time for your emotional development and rebirth. A perfect time to release old patterns, old wounds, past blockages, and an amazing time to feel deeply, in ways you have never felt before. :love:


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Western Chart:

in case could relate to the clues and share salient specific feedbacks
how true traits-talents-health-life trends-remedies-ideas to pick etc

virgo asc, critical thinking-attitude, perfectionist,
good for audit-editorial-quality control roles;

moon elevated taurus 8th energetic-creative, stubborn;
love of food-comforts,
aptitude for research in hotel management-dairying;
chronic throat-dental-thyroid issues;
wear pearl over silver pendant for sudden gains;

moon debilated aspect scorpio 2nd impacting family-finances-speech;

mars lord 2nd over 11th leo for gains from foundry-fire technology etc,
mars aspect own scorpio 2nd protective of finances
but not good for general health of family members;

sun sensitive cancer 10th, sensitive; seeking recognition; corporate-govt roles;

pisces-jup 7th inimical-badhaka for virgo asc,
stress-delays in marriage-relationship-vocation-business;

badhaka jup over gemini 10th, stress-delays in career;
prayers to saint of faith, offer yellow flowers wed mornings at alter at home;
wear yellow sapphire over pendant touching heart;

lords 1/7 jup-mer gemini 10th, seeking mutuality in a relationship,
jup 7th lord over 10th, supporive but dominating spouse;

mer own gemini 10th growth-riches through intellectual pursuits;
aptitude for poetry, writings, instrumental music, business analyst, advisory roles;
wear green emerald over pendant touching heart;

badhaka jup now 4-5m 2020 retro towards own sag 4th,
growth through advisory roles, though under stress-delay;
jup sag aspect natal jup-mer gemini 10th supportive of career-relationship to explore;

sat own cap 4th, growth-riches through
real estate-property-mining-event management-public admin;
sat now 4-5m 2020 retro towards natal sat cap,
need to take long-term decisions of life,

sun-venus cancer opp natal and retro transit sat,
affecting home-health-mother-career;
craving for affection but difficult to manifest;
mutual health issues in a relationship;
may need zinc supplements;

wear 0.25carat diamond over platinum pendant touching heart;
venus 11th gains from beauty products-scents-women-electronics etc;
observe fast sat evenings;
donate 125gms large white beans to Mata Parvathy at Shivalaya once a month, Mon after sunset;

natal ketu leo 12th for foreign lands, high self-pride,
pain-injury-surgery heart-stomach-feet inflammations;
perform homa for ketu, prayers to Lord Ganesha;
donate 125gms white til per month at Ganesha temple sun mornings;

ketu coming 1.5yr transit sag 4th till end 2021,
detachment from mother-motherland-property;
pain-injury-surgery heart-lungs-thighs etc

rahu coming 1.5yr till end 2021 transit jup-mer gemini 10th,
foreign assignments and relationship to explore,
seeking to soar in career;

4-5m later sat for 2yrs transit own acq 5th till mid 2022 approx, seeking change but stuck;
negating employment prospects; sat-mars opp stress-struggle
in luck-education -romance-children-position-income-gains-friendships,

all natal planets practically between ketu-rahu,
ketu transits over planets in sequence detachments-pain-injury-surgery;
rahu transits over planets in sequence clouding things;
may wear brown hessonite/gomedh over pendant touching heart;
natal rahu acq 6th, overcoming challenges/opponents tactically/reformist;
seeking foreign-distant assignments

do ack, do share salient reflections,

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Thank you for your response kshantaram. Much appreciated. The situation hasn't changed that much.
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