Why do I love rollercoasters?


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What in my chart would suggest I would love rollercoasters. I am guessing my Mars in Saggitarius?

All my life since I was a little boy I loved rollercoasters and amusement parks. Even in my 40's I still will go on coasters. Never had a fear of them or a fear of heights, they never seemed to bother me in the least. Been on rollercoasters all across the USA, for a while in my life I would go hunting across states for the best coasters to ride on. My wife born July 20, 1968 hates them and even the smallest roller coaster she will be scared of and will get sick to her stomach on. My stomach and nerves seem immune to them. My stomach feels nothing on them and I never really have been very scared of them...while my wife freaks out :)

Birthday Nov 17, 1978 at around noon in Chicago

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dr. farr

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probably the elevated mercury/Neptune conjunction + the elevated mars, all in daredevil Sagittarius-liking for the excitement of unusual, rapidly alternating sensations in a place of fun/friendliness (11th ws house)