Why do I have so many hard aspects in my chart?


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I have very few trines or sextiles but lots of squares and oppositions


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If you are at all spiritual, think of yourself as incarnating as a spiritual athlete who wanted a fast track to personal growth. Note that many people have their chart angles at right angles to one another, so I wouldn't necessarily count them as squares. Your chart does have some nice sextiles and trines.


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U have a LOT of Conjunctions....
AND your :sun: in great shape.

Wouldn't complain if I were you or I'll have to show you a chart of a person who truly suffers in
this world from severe, chronic pain so debilitating that they can hardly walk anymore...& the pain
started when they were in their late 20s.
Their :sun: is horribly hit with :square::opposition:.😌😌😌

Your :venus::scorpio::trine::mars::jupiter::pisces: is like delicious cream cheese icing on a yummy cup-cake!
You are blessed!



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It isn't all that rare to have a lot of squares. You do have some trines, a couple of sextiles and a quincunx. Squares are good! They motivate us to change - to grow and become. You have those squares so that you will reach your goals and become the person you want to be. It's a good thing.


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Are you really asking why your chart is the way it is? Or are you really saying, "Why is my life so hard?"

For perspective, I have a friend who has no hard aspects at all in her chart. No squares, no oppositions. She started a personal blog, and here's the very first thing she wrote on her blog: "I have a difficult life."

It's not hard aspects that create a difficult life (or the sense that your life is difficult--sometimes people experience their lives as difficult when others don't see them having any difficulty at all). It's life. Your chart may have something to say about what kind of difficulty you experience in your life, but it's not the reason why there's difficulty.

Charts also have something to say about how you can handle the difficulties in your life.


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Even though natal hard aspects are usually experienced as difficult, they actually train the person from a very young age to cope with the type of adversity indicated by the planets' nature, signs, and houses. When someone has an "easy chart", the first difficult transit can be really tough for them, because of their inborn lack of practice in dealing with adversity.