Why Did He Leave Me? I Miss Him...


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Hmm, I hope someone more experienced helps you, because I don't see any glaring reasons in this chart other than the fact that your significators (Sun for you, Saturn for him) are separating from a square. Are you sure there wasn't some type of argument or disagreement?

His significator is cadent in the 3rd house, so it could just be that he doesn't know what he wants right now. That frequently happens with guys who jump into a relationship too quickly (read "Venus and Mars on a Date" by John Gray- very good explanation of this).

This chart doesn't really seem to fit the situation you described, I hesitate to read it. I hope you get someone else to help.


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Saturn (him) has just turned direct and is slow. With change of direction there may be new insights, things that he neglected that he now needs to take care of.

If you are looking for answers as to why he left maybe you need to look at past aspects to Saturn.

Recent separation is Venus trine Saturn. Venus in 5th, could be another woman or kids. Saturn is in Libra, ruled by this Venus.... and he is in fall of Sun (You). Is he married or has someone else officially?

Moon will trine Saturn so there will be contact between you two.

best wishes!
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Venus also rules his 4th/10th axis and is intercepted. Mars is also co-ruler, both are not well placed. Home, family, public life, destiny,career, direction of life, father/mother, past childhood issues all could present as problems. Intercepted signs show where one is stuck, so to speak...

Moon is cadent and in fixed sign so I don't think contact will be very soon. Could be many weeks/months before this happens. There is 8 units before Moon trines Saturn, so 8 weeks/months? But Moon will first square peregrine Jupiter. I think the square may delay things for you.

I will look again after looking for some clues in the books - just ordered a few horary books and waiting for them to arrive this week or the next...:)


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Honestly, I feel sick to my stomach thinking about him and even writing this post. I feel weak, confused, and I miss him.. Me and this guy have been dating and we jumped in to an extremely passionate affair..

He began talking about our future life together, and I was charmed by his kindness, his charisma, so I fell in love with him instantly.

Everything was great between us, until one day he just vanished on me. He woke up out of bed, with a VERY unusual attitude. He was cold to me, and bearly spoke a word. After I took him home, I never heard from him again. So I'm wondering: Why Did He Leave Me?

We used to talk to each other almost everyday, and he had excellent communication, so I'm feeling like he could be going through something and just wont speak to me for some mysterious reason.

The whole time we were together I kind of got the impression that his was going through some serious personal and financial set backs. Maybe this has had something to do with his disappearing act? Please help me, any advice would be greatly appreciated. I haven't slept well in days because of this.. :unsure:

Dear alovelytune,

your post made me really sad :(
I'm sorry that happened to you. I understand your pain. The worst thing in the whole world is to love someone and not understand why they left you, or when they just stonewall you. I'm not good at horary astrology, but I just wanted to wish you luck and I hope that you feel better soon.


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Sagitarrius Sun and Taurus Moon are very different, his internal emotional nature is shown by Taurus Moon while the ego self is Sag.. so he may feel a bit split as to how he should act. Taurus Moon is slow and deliberate while Sag is bright and jolly... yeah He needs freedom and looks far into the distance. While at the same time Taurus keeps him grounded in the now.

I suppose all you can do is to wait until he is ready to tell you about what he is dealing with....which will be a while, I believe.


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lets see
He is saturn
so we have to look at what moon was doing in previous sigh cappy
and any recent aspects from and to Saturn

the last aspect from the mooon was a trine to mars which rules his 4th house - something domestic
I dont think it is finances because moon approaches jupiter his finances with a trine
he is not strong there but it is controllable
now turning to saturn
venus just trined saturn and venus just loves saturn
i dont think there is a reception between saturn and venus from venus'stand point
looks like he met someone
nothing else sticks out
sorry i hope you find a new love soon