Why Dahiya felt more harsh than Sadhe Sati?


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Looking back retrospectively, I find the experience of Dhaiya to be more severe than Sadhe Sati. I am still going through Dhaiya, but have started to feel relief since Mid Feb 2022, in alignment with the fact that the beginning of these effects started 5-6 months prior to Saturn changing sign into my 4th house. I have used the word "severe" but it had so much learning in it. Astrologically, what could be the reason?

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Irrespective of dhaiya or sadesatti every saturn transitv is importanct n it has huge significance sat is karmakarga he who finishes unpending karmas. That when he comes to its own house viz makra kumba he is double happy, as he get extra power to acts fast major life events like marriage job chilbirtth house buying happens in sat transit only. He goes to a house once in 30 years so he finishes the al unpending karmas related to that house. His transit to 3 6 11 is good but still sat is sat though he good at ssme time you also have problems in that. An mahadasa is very important even though ttansit is not good mahadasa will protect you. Sst troubles only when you undergo 6 8 12 dasa. Esp 8th. Fpor Libra native sat is goodboy wont trouble that much unnless he severly afflicted. Another thing lagna lord should be strong so watever problems it acts as sheild thula natives has suffered much in past now they has good tome all the problems get vanished next two sat transit is good no need to worrry...
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Saturn will go to Aquarius from Apr 25,2022 but only till July 11....So what about that transit when it again goes retrograde and comes back to Capricorn from Jul 12 to Jan 2023? How this phase will be.....because we all know how we struggled when Saturn went to Capricorn 2 years back....:biggrin: