Why are Indians so dead set on angrily pushing false information?


You've all have heard from now, about how India's Astrology is the basis of all Astrology.

Well the jury is in, and history has proven they are all a bunch of liars. No matter how angrily they yell at you, and how vehemently they pull a China (where copyright's and IP goes to die.).

https://depts.washington.edu/trioli...se zodiac consists of,was over 2000 years ago. Shows that China made there's in 14 BCE at the latest.

http://maajournal.com/Issues/2018/Vol18-4/12_Steele 18(4).pdf That shows the Zodiac we know today coming from Babylon. 5th Century BCE making it's way from there to Greece and Egypt, where it made it's way to India via Greece.

https://www.britannica.com/topic/astrology/Astrology-after-the-Hellenistic-period Shows that India didn't get there Astrology game until 3rd Century BCE. Way behind everyone else.

So, there you go. Historical Evidence that India wasn't first.

So when they want to go and yell that they were the source of all Astrology, and there people were the one's to make it. You can out right call them a bunch of filthy liars.

China made there's first.
Babylon made there's second without knowing anything about China.
The Greeks got their stuff from Babylon and India got there stuff from Greece before turning around and calling "First!!"