Why am I annoyed at everything he says?


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I am literally annoyed to the point of screaming at every little thing that comes out of my boyfriend's mouth. I have no idea why. But even being around him I get over come with a sense of irritation. Any insight would be most helpful. This has been happening for almost a week now.


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Early ascendant and VOC moon render this horary chart unreadable. But why look at horary if the answer seems pretty obvious? Apart from hormonal cycles (and then you perhaps shouldn't trust yourself too much, haha) , it could be very simple. If you're no longer in love with someone, everything they say and do will be wrong and annoying.

dr. farr

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Even with my alternative horary method (where I'll delineate a horary even at 1 degree rising), 0 degree is too early for me; I would say, re-ask this question again (if you are motivated to do so) over the next day or so.