Why am i always attracted to mysterious looking guys?


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i was born in Indianapolis, indiana at 4:27 PM on December 12, 2007


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Why am i always attracted to mysterious looking guys?]

Hi nadiaaa,

your personal attraction energy you feel yourself attracted to - is sign and ruler of 7th house- relationship and encounterig people.

Your 7th house is in sign of sagittarius and jupiter as ruler of 7th is in 7th strong placed for selfpurpose. Jupiter is tight and exact degreeconj. with pluto the mysterious and outsending radiance like magic.


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Not quite sure what is meant by mysterious here.
If it is something not clear, evasive, illusive, then it would be Neptune.
Your 7th house symbolises the type of partner you attract and need, and mercury is near the cusp.
Mercury in itself is "mercurial", changeable, and it is sextile Neptune.
A changeable partner who is hard to put your finger on, to pin down, because they are illusive and "mysterious".
Not necessarily a negative quality.


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Nadia, you are still quite young and under-age, as things go. With your moon in the 8th house, I think you are attracted to mysteries in a general way.

With your sun-Pluto in the 7th house, you will become more interested in understanding yourself as part of a couple as you mature. You will probably crave a lot of intensity in your relationships.

The danger for people with 7th house suns is that they can become so focused on being half of a couple that they don't invest the time and energy in truly learning who they are as an autonomous individual.

With your sun sextiling Neptune and squaring Uranus, you will probably find that you are constantly re-inventing yourself throughout life.

However, with your MC conjunct Uranus, I would encourage your interest in astrology. It is not the only signature of astrologers, but it is one of them.


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lol waybread beat me to it - sun conjunct Pluto in the 7th :biggrin:
glad to see a fellow plutonian - so yes you would be attracted to the occult and those who are deep and mysterious as a way of feeling complete - obvious and easy to explain won't do here

But equally interesting is the degrees of these planets - you have the sun in orb with Ras Alhague, Ophiucus' head star (another person who had this was Phillip K. Dick who wrote Blade Runner and the Minority Report or rather the books that would lead to these movies) while you have Pluto on Lesath/Aculeus and very close to the degree that's the center of the Milky Way (27 Sag) with Jupiter in close conjunction there for company - Jupiter would encourage this thirst for growth through these relations while the placement of Pluto which is itself powerful enough on that degree would amplify this further. Does your search have a spiritual/religious component to it?


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Not in a literal sense, just whether you see some beyond-the-mundane implications to the question you asked, like if it seems to be about than just how those other people are or if you've noticed some spiritual interests surface through them