Who will win the US Presidential Elections in 2008?


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Well, I haven't received the proper horary question on this subject yet, nor I could find one asked to some other astrologer and posted on the internet. So, no prediction yet.

But here's my challenge to you: if you feel involved and stirred by the US 2008 Presidential Elections and feel that you'd really want to know the answer, send me a message with your question, well phrased, clear and genuine. Or even better, if you are familiar with horary, you could write down your own data for your question.

Otherwise I will use the moment when your question arrives and my location in order to erect the horary chart and will post the chart delineation here, on this page. Should several such questions arrive, they will be all published here and it'll be quite interesting to try to identify common patterns and differences.

So... "Bring 'em on!" (as a proeminent public figure used to say)


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I can't bear to ask one, Radu! So much sits on this election...all I know is, Barack Obama announced his candidacy for President during a VOC Moon (I'm fairly sure), which doesn't bode well, but we will have to wait to see who gets the nomination for each party. McCain is pretty much a shoo-in for the Republicans, but the Democratic nomination is hotly, nail-bitingly close.



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Whoops! I read somewhere that candidates to US presidency who announced their intentions during a VOC Moon failed...

I've got a question:

Who will win the US president election?
19:39, Leeds, England, 22nd February 2008.

Asked by a British, so it needs some chart turning.


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I cannot tell you why. I have no astrological data to back it up what so ever. This is not a who do I want to win answer either. I believe Hillary Clinton will win. This is a gut instinct and intuition answer. It just seems something will make all tides change and she will win.


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By Chinese astrology and theory of 5 element McCain has best chance to win! He was born in year of fire yang rat and now is earth yin rat and because fire supports earth I think he has best chance.


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I didn't look at progressions or lunar return for november for all of them..but with Mccain he has Saturn oppose his natal saturn from 12th to 6th..also conjuncting his venus ruler of his 8th house.. I personally think he is gonna have health issues or his age will play a role of him being denied.

Looking at Hilary's ugh ::making face:: no offense to those that support her but she has Neptune square her Mercury right now I think she is a big fat liar.. she has Moon right on her MC and transiting pluto is right on her 7th house squaring that moon and in Nov..Uranus will be creeping up to that moon and 10th house.. chiron and north node will be opposite her mars pluto conjunction and mars does rule her 11th house..I use 11th house since it rules government intities.. however you spell that word..

So with her it's a toss up I see stuff that umm yeah okay..but really if she does and she has that neptune square her mercury I won't trust her as far as I can throw her..

Now Obama.. He has leo rising.. a bunch of planets in leo..including his part of fortune..getting hit by that chiron and north node conjunction in aquarius..he will also have saturn conjunct his mars in the 2nd..pluto will be oppose his venus.. venus is in the 11th house..venus rules his 10th..I say it's gonna be Obama..but again didn't look at progressions or lunar returns for that month.


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personally l think Hillary's outburst today has just lost the presidency for her. Resorting to dirty tactics to put Obama down is really so trite considering her intelligence, just because she is out of her depth!

Where would this type of behavior show up in her chart?


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McCain is older than the oldest oven chip!
He looks like they wheel him out of the funeral home every day and l think America doesn't need another Republican as leader.

He is a war veteran and yet he wants to stay in Iraq for a 100 years? Get this guy out of my sight! uffffff......

coffee said:
Ah, Leo rising for Obama! That sorted that out then Venus. :D

That is the thing with McCain, age is a huge factor which would hold him back and maybe persuade voters to go for someone else.

Any idea what to look at with the horary? Not sure at all.


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Age probably won't be a deterrent. Reagan was voted in at 70-72 years old, I recall.

Interesting, however, that all three candidates have very late-degree moons; McCain's only aspect before going VOC is an opposition to Pluto. Wouldn't want to mess with him, man.:p


sitting with saturn

As much as I want Obama to win, my intuition is telling me its gonna be McCain. I hope I am wrong.


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I think there r chanaces to win republican party candidate whoever it may be.Because republican party is ruled by jupiter & democratic by saturn. According to geocentric system jupiter is in saggitarius this year while saturn in leo. so republicans r strong.
This is taken from an Indian astrology website, the astrologer is world renouned

Obama may have an edge:

The US President Election 2008 is heating up. The real heat is not between democrat and republic candidates but severe fighting is taking place between bold Obama and resilient Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton was the First Lady of America for eight years and has seen the working of an ex-president from close quarters for two terms. She is supported by a powerful lobby which is led by smart and brainy Bill Clinton. Barack Obama is known for his bold statements like emphasizing ending the Iraq war, increasing energy independence and providing universal health care. His appeal is being heard by people at large. Republic candidate John McCain is the most senior among his two opponents and a respected candidate who is going to fight against one of these democrat candidates in US 2008 President Election.

Let us see astrologically what is in store for all these three candidates through the prism of astrology. We have the birth details of all the stalwarts which we have taken from different websites. These websites claim that these are authenticated data. If they are right then we cannot go wrong in our analysis.
Hillary Clinton:

Date of birth – October 26, 1947, Time of Birth – 20.00 Hrs., Place of birth – Chicago – Illinois (USA)

Barack Obama:

Date of birth – August 4, 1961, Time of Birth – 13.06 Hrs., Place of birth – Honolulu – Hawaii (USA)

John S. McCain:

Date of birth – August 29, 1936, Time of Birth – 09.00 Hrs., Place of birth – Cocosolo (Panama)

Hillary Clinton:

At the time of Hillary Clinton’s birth Gemini ascendant was rising on the eastern horizon and planets configuration was as such: Mars, Saturn – Cancer, Sun, Venus, Mercury – Libra, Jupiter, Ketu – Scorpio, Moon – Pisces and Rahu in Taurus.

Prarabdh (Past Birth Deeds):

Hillary Clinton was born when Gemini ascendant was rising on the eastern horizon. Lagna lord is well placed in the 5th house along with Sun and Mercury. These planets put together form two powerful Rajayogas. These Rajayogas are taking place in the 5th house which denotes creative intelligence and prarabdh (past birth deeds).

Prarabdh (past birth deeds) sounds most appropriate in this case. In this life certain things you earn and there are certain things which you get by the dint of good luck or prarabdh. Hillary Clinton’s marriage to Bill Clinton is the outcome of prarabdh which has set the pace for her to go for US President Election 2008. We are not taking away the credit of her creative instincts but prarabdh has played a more important role in this case.

Emotional Tussle:

Placement of debiliated Mars and Saturn in the 2nd house gives conflicting results. This house deals with family environment and gives family background also to an extent. In astrology, conjunction of Mars and Saturn indicates that a lot of storm and turbulence has taken place at the emotional level before the dust settled down as far as family peace and harmony is concerned. The whole world knows the Clintons had a very tough time in their marriage once upon a time.

Strong willed woman:

Placement of Jupiter and Ketu in the 6th house is alright. Jupiter does lose some of its glamour and sheen when placed in the 6th house. Being the lord of 7th when Jupiter occupies the 6th house it does give indication of discord in wedlock and the person has to fight most of her battles on her own. No wonder Hillary is resilience par excellence and always fights out her battle whether it is personal or professional, with vengeance.

Her own person:

The Moon has occupied the 10th house which denotes that she has a mind of her own. In astrology Moon represents mind. The Moon has formed two trines with Mars, Saturn and Jupiter. In astrology, trines are considered the best and give wonderful results. This configuration is so good that it has brought her at that level and Obama is feeling the heat of it. Placement of Rahu in the 12th house is good.

Mahadasa Results:

In her chart major period of Saturn is in operation which will continue for many more years. At present Sun – Rahu are in operation till December 2008. The Sun has occupied the 5th house and Rahu is placed in the 12th house. Both the planets are quite strong in the chart but ill aligned from each other. However in navamsa chart both the planets have again gained a lot of strength. Perhaps this is the reason that Hillary Clinton is fighting hard her battle and cruising close to Obama’s tally. Since, primarily both the planets are weak in the chart, it does not assure her the top post but she could be offered to be Deputy of Obama.

Barack Obama:

At the time of Barack Obama’s birth Libra lagna was rising on the eastern horizon and the planetary configuration is as under: Saturn, Jupiter – Capricorn, Ketu – Aquarius, Moon – Taurus, Venus – Gemini, Sun, Mercury – Cancer and Mars, Rahu in Leo.

Head of State:

The lord of lagna is beautifully placed in the 9th house which represents luck. This placement of planet promises that one could be the head of State, if other planets contribute the same way as lagna lord has projected in the chart.

Buddhaditya Rajayoga:

Due to the placement of Sun and Mercury in the 10th house a powerful “Buddhaditya Rajayoga’ has taken place. This rajayoga makes the person bold, intelligent, a tactician and foresighted too. Saturn and Jupiter are placed in the 4th house. Both these planets are involved in a mutual aspect with Sun and Mercury. This phenomenon indicates that success will not come easily to Obama and he has to fight tooth and nail till the last.

Fulfillment of Cherished Goal:

Placement of Mars and Rahu in the 11th house is very good. This house indicates huge gains and fulfillment of long cherished desires. This house also indicates friends and well wishers across the globe. We foresee that Obama will win over many friends and admirers throughout the globe in the coming years.

Placement of Moon in the 8th house gives mixed results. Being the lord of 10th i.e. position (karma), the placement of Moon is detrimental to an extent in getting the desired results. Nothing comes easily and doubt and fear exists till the last count.

Mahadasa Results:

In his chart major period of Jupiter will continue for many more years. Jupiter – Venus will continue till 10th of August 2008. Jupiter has occupied the 4th house and Venus is placed in the 9th. Independently both the planets are very strong in the chart but wrongly aligned from each other. Due to this very reason Obama is not able to establish a clear lead against her party arc rival Hillary Clinton. However marginally he is still ahead of her. We believe Hillary Clinton can tie him down for a while but Obama is fighting next election as a democratic candidate against McCain. His good period of Jupiter – Sun will begin from August 2008 for the next one year. Both are beautifully placed in the chart which clearly indicates that he will be the winner.

John S. McCain:

John McCain was born when Virgo ascendant was rising on the eastern horizon and the planetary placement was as such: Mercury – Virgo, Jupiter – Scorpio, Rahu – Sagittarius, Moon – Capricorn, Saturn – Aquarius, Ketu – Gemini, Mars – Cancer and Sun, Venus in Leo.

Panch Mahapurush Rajayoga:

At the time of McCain’s birth Virgo ascendant was rising on the eastern horizon and lord of lagna is well placed in the lagna itself. The placement of Mercury has given rise to a powerful rajayoga called ‘Bhadra’. This rajayoga comes under the category of “Panch Mahapurush Rajayoga” which promises great success in life.

Great Fighter:

Placement of Jupiter in the 3rd house is very encouraging. This house deals with prowess and we all know that McCain was a great fighter throughout his life. As a matter of fact he comes from the family of fighters. Rahu has occupied the 4th house and Ketu is placed in the 10th. This placement of planets gives good results to the native as far as career is concerned.

Difficulty in final competition:

Moon has occupied the 5th house, the house of creativity which denotes good growth in life. Saturn has occupied the 6th house which is good. Sun and Venus are placed in the 12th house which is alright. All these planets are involved in a mutual aspect with gives mixed results. Since this house also deals with competition and indicates initial success but later on negativity takes over. Debiliated Mars has occupied the 11th house which by and large is alright.

Mahadasa Results:

In his chart Saturn’s mahadasa is at its fag end. This dasa will come to end in April 2009. At present Saturn – Jupiter are in operation. Both the planets are well aligned from each other but dasa is at its fag end. In astrology when dasa is ending it does not give great results. Therefore we assume that McCain will go down fighting US President Election 2008.

Final Result:

After analyzing the horoscope of Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and John McCain, we come to conclusion that Barack Obama will be the next President of America.
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Thanks for this detailed explanation. The problem is that we have exact time of birth only for McCain, but for others 2 candidates I sow different data for their birth time (as we post before).


I got this type of question from my friend today. My analysis reveals that the next president has some connection with military. I think it should be Mccain!

If that is possible. Maybe, from now on, there's something happens that make US people confident in Mccain than in his rival.


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Dear God,

Please don't let McCain become President. It will be the most disastrous thing to happen to the world since the American's voted Bush in for a 2nd term.

I implore you to re-consider. This will have long term implications for the world.


If McCain gets in, it's all over for the States, that's for sure. There will be middle eastern countries declaring war on the USA, the economy will be worse than Mexico or Cuba. Anyone who votes for McCain is signing their own death sentence, imho.